Worth Softball Bats

Worth slow pitch softball bats combine a unique hybrid construction with a sweet spot extending 5.4L technology! Combined with an end loaded performance and Worth makes an ideal bat for players looking to maximize their hitting power all while maintaining top notch control.

Worth (otherwise known as Worth Sports) have a great track record of producing high quality equipment for baseball, slowpatich and fastpitch players. Of particular interest are the Worth Fastpitch Softball bats which come in 3 different styles including the 454, the Eclipse, and the FPX. Click on the bat below to select your size!

Worth fastpitch equipment can be used by players at all skill levels and has even been used by many of the best top softball players in the US. In fact combining all sales, in 2005 Worth reached an amazing one million players. One of the most noted features from people who have used Worth fastpitch bats is the balanced and consistent swing that the bat produces each and every swing. Some bats feel different depending on the type of swing being performed, but Worth bats are one of the best at eliminating this issue.

Worth Fastpitch Bats

On this website, we offer 3 of the more popular fastpitch softball bats offered by Worth including the 454, the Eclipse, and the FPX. All offer great features to help bring your game to the next level at a very affordable price. Of the 3 bats, the 454 is your best bet if you are looking for the highest quality and best performing. If you are looking for a unique bat then consider the Eclipse as it changes color depending on the outside temperature. Finally, the FPX is perfect for those looking for a good bat at an affordable price.

Pricing of Worth Fastpitch Softball Bats

Worth fastpitch softball bats range from above one hundred bucks a bit for the FPX model all the way to over two hundred bucks for the 454. The great thing about Worth is they have a bat for just about every level of play. If you aren’t too serious of a player, or are just learning then the FPX is perfect fit as it is priced very well. If you are a more serious player then the 454 offers many features that other top level brands offer as well.

Popular Worth Fastpitch Bats

Probably the most popular Worth fastpitch bat is the Eclipse. Since it is so unique in that it changes color depending on the temperature, many opt to pick one up. Although unique, the Eclipse still offers many great features!

Worth Fastpitch Bats Reviews

Have you ever used any of the Worth bats offered on this website? If so, feel free to comment below to let everyone know which you like/didn’t like. This will be of great benefit to many fastpitch players looking to pick up a brand new bat.