Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer review

The Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer is one of the higher end vacuum sealers on the market, great for home use but more commonly used in industrial kitchens and businesses, a well-made product that is sturdy and durable. A notable feature of this product is that it is made using stainless steel, unlike many other vacuum sealers which are made using plastic.

Before using this sealer, the protective film should be removed. This vacuum sealer is not too heavy and it is easy to carry so in spite of being bulky and very well made it isn’t totally stuck in one place once you’ve bought it. You must order some supply bags when you order this sealer. The manufacturer states that it is good to use their brand of supply bags as they work better with the sealer compared to other brand supply bags. A single touch operation, makes it easy to use and enables automatic creation of vacuum that helps to seal the bag. This couldn’t be easier to operate and is almost impossible to get wrong. However, if you prefer to do it manually, then there is an option for that as well. You can adjust the vacuum levels using the manual option which is important when you want to seal delicate objects or soft food, vacuums can even be used when preparing food and this feature is superb for this.

This Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 does not produce too much noise and works quietly, especially considering the size and abilities of this impressive piece of kit. The double cylinder vacuum pump is cooled by a fan, which allows it to function seamlessly for longer periods of time without the need for an exclusive cooling period. This feature specifically comes handy when there is a need to seal batches of food in less time. You can operate it at high vacuum levels compared to other models in the same price range. You can seal up to 15 inches which is one of the biggest advantages of this vacuum sealer. This dimension allows to seal larger amount food compared to other sealing machines available in the market. This is beneficial especially if you want to seal large batches of meat large quantities of food.

However, this sealer does not have the capability to seal liquids and will be problematic when you want to seal foods rich in liquids. Some users have tried to address this issue by freezing the liquids in the refrigerator before trying to seal it using this vacuum sealer. This is best suited for commercial use and it is made in such a way to withstand prolonged usage. Since it made using stainless steel, it is robust and durable compared to several other sealers made of plastic. It comes with a see through lid which allows users to view the bag and make sure the alignment is proper. This helps to reduce wastage of bags that is caused by improper alignments and inappropriate sealing. It also has a detachable power chord that can be stored easily.

Although it is capable of sealing several batches of bags pretty quickly, rarely does it get over heated. The main advantage of this product is the ability to work quietly without producing too much noise, to work with higher levels of vacuum and the ability to produce larger batches of food without having to pause to cool down.

It is a great product with distinct features that is not available with similar products available in the market, and is a great option for anyone who needs an industrial scale vacuum sealer for business use, or just the best there is for their own home. The reviews on online retailers from other consumers will tell you all you need to know, with most users at the time of writing having rated this at 5 stars.