Samsung S27E330 Review

Samsung S27E330 Review

Display: 27″, TN Panel, 1920×1080,1ms Response Time, 60Hz
Ports: VGA, HDMI
Price Scale: 1.5/10
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars


Samsung has recently released an entirely new line of affordable monitors with their SE330 series. This particular display is the Samsung SE330 S27E330. It is here to compete with the budget range 27-inch monitor of the market.

There are plenty of nice 27 inch monitors in the market. Most of the 27-inch monitors are quite expensive. However, there are few out there that hit the sweet spot regarding price range.

How does this monitor compare to the market? Are the features of this monitor on part with the market standard or lacking? Is the price justifiable for the features that it offers?

We will try to explore those questions and this monitor further in this Samsung S27E330 review.


Design and Features

For starters, this monitor looks stunning. Regarding the market standard for looks, this monitor apparently checks out correctly. It does have a thick bezel, but for a budget monitor, that is a sacrifice that you should be willing to make. The monitor has a pretty straightforward and elegant look. It does not have the mundane and boring round shaped stand that is familiar with most budget displays.

Samsung SE330 S27E330 is a gaming display, at least that is what the Samsun claims it to be. If you are considering this monitor for gaming, then remember that this is a very low-grade gaming monitor. If you are remotely into the market of displays, you will know that some of the gaming monitors can reach prices that easily more than five times the price of this monitor.

This is 27-inch FHD monitor with features that are suitable for gaming. For example, this monitor ditches the latest IPS technology for the older TN panel technology. Although IPS improves the colors and viewing angles of the monitor, it lowers the response time. Since response time is crucial for gamers, TN panel does better justice to the experience. This monitor has a response time of 1 ms. It does not get any better than this.

Furthermore, this monitor has a dedicated game mode that adjusts the colors of the screen for a great gaming experience.

One of the most major features of this display is that it has VESA mounts. You can remove the stand for this monitor and hook it up on the wall or dual monitor stand with the 75x75mm VESA mounting holes provided in the rear.


This monitor has the just the right types of ports. It does not have an extraordinary set of ports, instead, it has just the right amount.

This monitor offers an HDMI and VGA port. With the HDMI you should be able to interface with almost all of the latest devices; whereas, with the VGA port you should have no issue interfacing with any computer.

Most of the people have praised the configuration of this monitor stating that for the price it is just perfect.


So how does this screen compare with rest of the monitors out there? Is the cost of this monitor justifiable? Let us explore Samsung SE330 S27E330 in terms of value for money.

This monitor, unfortunately, does have some serious competition in the market. For example, Dell SE2717HX RVJXC is a monitor that has the same price, but it offers IPS panel as well as AMD FreeSync technology.

Other than that, few more monitors are slightly more expensive, but you can look into them as well: ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD and Acer R271 bid.

All in all, this monitor has a great value for money. It is not without a competition but does have the hardware to beat it.

Samsung S27E330 Conclusion

Samsung SE330 S27E330 is a simple 27-inch monitor that is highly suitable for gaming. It offers a TN panel and FHD resolution. It also has a decent set of connectivity options as well as a very fast response time.

If you are looking into a budget gaming setup, this monitor is highly recommended.