Best 29 Inch Monitors | Updated February 2018

best 29 inch monitorsUltrawide monitors like the best 29-inch monitors are highly in demand these days.

There are a few very good reasons for that. First of all, thy have much larger aspect ratio (21:9 as compared to 16:9). This makes them ideal for productivity.

However, other than the benefits of using it in the office, ultrawide monitor like the 29-inch monitors also outshine in gaming.

The wide aspect ratio ensures a much more immersive experience in general.

A lot of brands have manufactured their 29 inch monitors, mostly ranging between the price brackets of $250 to $350. This detailed analysis of those monitors will help you decide on your purchase among them.


Thin Bezel Monitor,
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Price ScaleResolutionPanel TypeResponse TimePorts

LG 29UM68-P

5 ms
2 x HDMI, DP

ALG 29UM58-P

5 ms

Dell U2913WM

8 ms
DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x USB HUB, Audio, Mini DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, VGA


5 ms


5 ms
VGA, DVI, HDMI (MHL), Display Port, Audio Line In/Out

Built for Multitasking

When it comes to multitasking, no one can deny the importance of a large real estate.

When we talk about real estate on the screen, it not the physical screen size that matter, but the pixel density. The higher the pixel density, the more area you have to work on.

This means you get more area to comfortably place two windows side by side. You also get more workspace when using professional software. Likewise, you get a wider look when gaming.

The best 29 inch monitors have a higher pixel density as compared to their conventional counterparts.

Best 29 Inch Monitors Reviews

Let us look at some of the best 29 inch monitors that have received high praise and reviews from customers.

As you will notice, these monitors are rather affordable, but the benefit they offer is huge as compared to conventional 16:9 monitors.

LG 29UM68-P – Best 29 inch Monitor – All Rounder

best 29 inch monitors

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This is one of the best 29-inch monitors built for both gaming as well as multitasking.

The large 29-inch display is backed up with full high definition and resolution 2560x1080p that provides the crispest details and the sharp images.

Other than gaming and productivity, this monitor is also quite the suitable candidate for designing work. It covers 99% of sRGB color gamut giving it all the colors for professionals.

This monitor is quite user-friendly thanks to its on-screen control with which you can adjust the monitor easily.

There is also an option for a split-screen which divides the working windows in two, so you can watch a movie on one and perform work on the other. The wide size gives ample space for both the windows simultaneously.

It also features Free Sync technology that saves the display from any tearing of image or other distortions that might occur. This is a high-end feature for quality gaming.

Speaking of gaming, this monitor has a special game mode which molds all the display settings for the game. For instance, there is a black stabilizer which allows the user to view things which are hidden in dark lighting easily.

With all the great features for gaming, this is not a monitor built for competitive gaming. It has a slow response time, but not slow enough for casual gaming.

Last but not least, this monitor comes with other goodies like built-in speakers. Now, these aren’t something that you would dance to, but they help.

Moreover, if you have heard of IPS panel, you will know that this monitor has great viewing angles and colors. At the same time, you may have also heard of the phenomenon called IPS glow.

This is a form of backlight bleeding that is normal with IPs panel monitors. According to customers, this monitor has very little of that.

Specs At a Glance!

Display: 29″ Curved, IPS, 2560×1080, 5 ms Response Time, 75Hz Refresh Rate
Notable Features: Curved, USB Hub, AMD Free-Sync
Ports: 2 x HDMI, DP
Price Scale: 2.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Great high-end features at affordable price tag
  • Quality IPS panel suitable for even designing and editing work
  • Game mode optimized your gameplay.


  • The monitor has no USB ports
  • The glossy plastic material is less desirable.
  • The maximum 75 Hz refresh rate cannot only be achieved via Display Port
  • Low-quality speakers.

best 29 inch monitors

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LG 29UM58-P – Gaming 29 inch Monitor

best 29 inch monitors

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This monitor is very similar to LG 29UM68-P reviewed above. It has almost the same feature and the color quality of the screen is as beautiful.

It uses a similar IPS panel that covers 99% sRGB. At the same time, it features games modes, screen split 2.0, and black stabilizer.

However, unlike the LG 29UM68-P , it does not offer a curved screen.

Other than that, there are two things that separate this monitor from the LG 29UM68-P. The first is the physical look. Specifically, they have very different stand designs.

Secondly, this monitor does not feature Free-Sync. Instead, it features Dynamic Sync which reduces input lag.

Furthermore, this monitor includes a USB HUB.

Specs At a Glance!

Display: 29″, IPS, 2560×1080, 5 ms Response Time, 75 Hz Refresh Rate
Notable Features: USB Hub, Dynamic Action Sync
Ports: HDMI
Price Scale: 2.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



  • Gaming grade monitor with exclusive features like black stabilizer, dynamic sync.
  • USB Hub makes interfacing with devices much easier.


  • Only offers HDMI connectivity. Does not offer the much needed DisplayPort.
  • Suffers from the phenomenon called IPS glow.

best 29 inch monitors

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Dell U2913WM – Best 29 Inch Monitor for Productivity

29 inch monitor

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Dell means quality, and in that sense, this is one of the best 29 inch monitors. This multiple feature monitor by Dell is available on the market for about $250.

One of the biggest selling points of this monitor is the plethora of connectivity options that you get with it. It features HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort and USB ports.

Other than that, this is an adjustable monitor. It is not fully adjustable, but you can adjust its height, swivel and tilt it. Therefore, it is highly ergonomic.

VESA mounting is another attraction in this monitor. With these holes, the monitor can be mounted on a wall or on stands; however, the mounting kit has to be bought separately.

The Dell UltraSharp U2913WM is s unique 29-inch ultra-widescreen monitor offering a 21:9 aspect ratio and solid IPS color and grayscale quality but it may not be the best choice for gamers. – – John R. Delaney

The monitor has a slow response time of 8 ms seconds and a refresh rate of 60 HZ which cannot be overclocked. Therefore, it is not suitable for hardcore gamers.

Other than that, this monitor offers several exclusive features like Smart Video Enhance which promotes smooth movements and reduces distortions.

It also offers sRGB over 99 percent which makes it quite ideal for designers, photographers etc.

If you are looking for a 29 inch monitor built for productivity, then this is the best 29 inch monitor in the market.

All the users were pretty much satisfied with this particular product. They were happy with a wide screen and also the fact that it had a slim profile which added on to the room décor and took the least amount of desk space.

Specs At a Glance!

Display: 29″, IPS, 2560×1080, 8 ms response time, 60Hz Refresh Rate, VESA
Ports: DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x USB 3.0 upstream, 4 x USB 3.0 downstream, Audio, Mini DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, VGA
Price Scale: 2.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • A plethora of connectivity options. Has almost every port necessary.
  • Adjustable stand and VESA mounting holes make it the perfect choice for productive use.


  • Does not offer much in the line of gaming.
  • Has a slow response time, therefore, not suitable for fast moving applications.

29 inch monitor

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ASUS PB298Q – Most Adjustable Stand

ASUS 29 inch monitor

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ASUS is a renowned brand when it comes to manufacturing electronics. They have had a brand loyal clientele.

After realizing the need for 29-inch displays that users have, they too have hopped on the bandwagon.

Being a 29-inch screen, it has all the essential features that are required. The flicker free technology removes the annoying flickers. This saves you from the eye fatigue.

This ultra-wide screen will add a cinematic punch to your movies and games. – – Michael Passingham

Getting rid of such flickers elevates the viewing experience by bringing more comfort. ASUS eye care technology is another feature which caters specifically to the fatigue that users face due to flickering and the intense blue light.

The stand is strong, sturdy and gives a good support to it. Moreover, the stand can be tilted, swiveled and pivoted. This means that the user can quickly adjust the screen’s angle according to his view to get the best experience.

There is also wall mount capability with the help of the VESA holes.

In terms of connectivity, it has ports like HDMI, DisplayPort, and DL-DVI-D. Therefore, this display can be extended to other multimedia devices. Also, the monitor features speakers should you ever need them.

Specs At a Glance!

Display: 29″, IPS, 2560×1080, 60Hz Refresh Rate, 5ms Response Time, 99% sRGB coverage, Speakers, VESA
Price Scale: 3.5/10
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  • Has a fully adjustable stand.
  • Great connectivity options.
  • Feature eye care technologies so that you cna work for long without having eye fatigue.


  • Not a gaming monitor; however, the response time is suitable for casual gaming.
  • Expensive monitor. You can get almost similar featuers in monitors that are $30 – $40 less.

ASUS 29 inch monitor

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AOC Q2963PQ – Affordable with Great Connectivity

AOC 29 inch monitor

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This is one of the best 29 inch monitor in the market. It offers so much at such a decent price range. It is more or less similar to the monitor listed above. However, it does have a few features that set it apart.

For starters, this monitor has a plethora of connectivity options for an affordable 29 inch monitor. You may have realized most of the 29 inch monitors featuring a wide range of connectivity are expensive. Well, not this one.

Therefore, interfacing this monitor would not be an issue at all. On top of that, this monitor offers features like Picture in Picture, that lets you have two separate signals simultaneously.

So one signal could be from your PC, another from your gaming console.

The response time of 5ms ensures that videos play without any distortion. Based on the reviews, customers had issues with the startup guides as there was not one provided.

One major problem was that while any download was going on, even if it is for hours, the monitor will not go to sleep thus consuming a lot of energy. The display in general, however, was appreciated.

Specs At a Glance!

Display: 29″, IPS, 2560×1080, 60Hz Refresh Rate, 5ms Response Time, Speakers, VESA
Ports: VGA, DVI, HDMI (MHL), Display Port, Audio Line In/Out
Price Scale: 3/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Picture in Picture is a unique technology with which you can have two separate signals displayed at the same time.
  • An all rounder setup makes it great for gaming and productivity
  • Offers VESA mounting.


  • The stand is not fully adjustable
  • Has no USB ports.

AOC 29 inch monitor

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Are 29-inch Monitors Good For Gaming?

Most of the best 29 inch monitors are great for gaming. LG is typically leading in manufacturing 29 inch monitors that have gamer-centric hardware.

LG 29UM68-P, for example, has gamer mode, 75 Hz refresh rate, FreeSync, and black stabilizer for enhancing our gaming experience.

Most gamers would find 21:9 aspect ratio to be a better and more immersive experience?

What about compatibility?

Most of the modern games have no compatibility issues with ultrawide resolution. When 21:9 first entered the market, there were issues with scaling; however, modern games have no such issues.

Most of the modern MMO, action adventure, racing or RTS titles have native support for ultrawide resolution.

However, on some competitive titles like the CSGO or Battelfield, there is no native support for such resolution. Therefore, scaling might occur which will force you to switch the aspect ratio of 16:9.

As it stands, most of the future titles will be fully compatible with ultrawide resolution. The trend dictates that to be the case.

Should You Get a Good 27″ or 29″ Monitor?

That depends on which type of 27 inch monitor you plan on getting.

There are generally two types. One that offers FHD resolution, which are cheaper. The other kind is the one that offers WQHD resolution. This kind is more expensive.

Compared to the FHD 27″ monitors, the 29″ monitors are a bit expensive. However, at the same time, they offer a lot more features and more importantly have a higher pixel density.

Most will not recommend an FHD resolution for 27-inch monitors.

Compared the WQHD 27-inch monitors, the 29-inch monitors are cheaper. However, the WQHD 27 inch monitors are generally considered high-end monitors that are packed with features.

A gamer would recommend getting a 27-inch WQHD monitor in this case.

Bottom Line: If the choice is between FHD 27 inch and 29 inch monitor, get the later. If the choice is between WQHD 27 inch monitor and 29 inch monitor, get the former.


In this article, we had a look at some of the best 29 inch monitors that are out there in the market. These monitors are affordable, packed with the latest technology, have excellent looks and a wide screen to satisfy your multitasking experience.