Louisville Slugger Softball Bats

One of the most popular bats available for any baseball or softball player today is the Louisville Slugger. The Louisville Slugger is currently the official bat of Major League baseball, but is also used by many fastpitch players as well.

In America, the game of softball is pretty popular nowadays. You can see a whole lot of people with their bats in numerous parks; just trying to get a feel for it right before they step up to the plate to face the pitcher. This is the most exciting part; when you look at the pitcher straight in the eye, while you are swaying your bat in the air waiting for that ball to come straight to you. It’s just you, your bat and the ball. It always helps to have the right kind of bat in your hand. You want something that fits you; that feels great when you hold it. You want the bat that complements you as a competitor. If you want an excellent bat that gives you a great feel, then you should consider the Louisville Slugger Softball Bat.

The name Warrior Bat says it all. This is an excellent bat when you are the kind of hitter you just wants to destroy that ball. But of course, this bat isn’t for everyone. It is always best to have a preference when it comes to choosing your bats. Picking the right softball bats slow pitch matter to a whole number of hitters. Sometimes, when the bat just doesn’t feel right in your hands, you can’t really unleash on it or control the ball as you would like. So get the feel of the bat first!

The bat is made out of a 7050 allow with a power end load. With a synthetic grip of 31 32” standard handle and its 12” barrel, you can knock out any ball out of the park any day! And you won’t even have to worry because it is approved by the ASA, USSSA, ISA, ISF and NSA.

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bats

Built using composite materials designed to last, each of the Slugger bats below provide the hitter with a high performing consistent swing while reducing any discomfort in the area of vibrations. Many Louisville bats have been and currently are being used by many top level fastpitch players including those on Team USA. If you are looking for a high quality bat from a trusted name that delivers then a Louisville Slugger fastpitch bat is for you!

Above you will find links to 3 of the more popular Louisville Slugger fastpitch bats including the Catalyst, Xeno, and Zephyr. All three bats offer great features to help bring your game to the next level. Simply click on the fastpitch bat that interests you the most and you will be taken to a specific product page where you can view a detailed break-down along with the price and different sizes available.

Pricing of Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Softball Bats

Louisville Slugger bats are very affordable when purchasing through us. The most basic fastpitch bat (the Zephyr) offered by Louisville comes in at a very low around above one hundred bucks a bit. On the next rung you have the very popular and durable Catalyst bats that can be purchased for nearly two hundred bucks. Louisville’s most premium offering comes in at a standard nearly three hundred bucks price tag which is comparable to many other top brands.

Popular Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bats

Although the Louisville Xeno fastpitch bat offers the highest price tag, many fastpitch players still opt for the Catalyst when stepping behind the plate. Used by many members of Team USA, and other top level players including the 2005 NCAA National Championship, the Catalyst provides the hitter with a balanced and powerful swing each and every time and is one of the most durable bats available.

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bats Reviews

The Louisville Slugger name is synonymous with quality, but if you’ve ever used any of the fastpitch bats on this website and have any positive or negative experiences, please leave a comment below. This will help others with their decision.