LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S Review | 24″ Frameless Monitor

LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S Review

Display: 24″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 5ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: 99% sRGB Coverage, On-screen Split, Black Stabilizer
Ports: 2 x HDMI, DVI – D
Price Scale: 2/10
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars


LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S is one of the finest latest thin bezel monitor that has come out in the market. Now first things first, you may ask why this monitor isn’t listed in the top 10 list on the homepage? That is because it is too early to judge how this monitor stacks up against the competitors. It does not have enough customer reviews or even professional reviews to form up a solid opinion.

Until that happens, this will remain unseen from the homepage. However, the score provided is based purely upon our impressions of the product itself. This score reflects how it compares to the rest of the narrow bezel monitor at least on paper.

Let us talk about the monitor now. Monitors these days have become so beautiful and elegant. It has become very tough to choose monitor based on looks because most of them look fantastic. Not just this monitor, but look at the ones from ASUS Designo MX Series, the Lenovo X24 and even Dell Ultrasharp. They all look so classy and elegant. Gone are the times when monitor were boring piece of equipment.

This monitor is something else though. It has a bezel of only about 2.5 mm, a stand that looks sturdy and supremely elegant and overall very clean and refreshing look. And the best thing about all this is that this is a monitor that has very competitive price tag also. It is in the same price category as the Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ. It may not compare as well to the Dell Ultrasharp in terms of overall performance and features, it still is very close though.

What does this monitor harbor? Well, carry on further with this LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S review to discover.


Design and Features

LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S Review 2One of the central attraction of the this monitor is the looks. This monitor looks out of this world really. It is completely unique and does not seem to copy or take inspiration from any other brand. You will see a lot of stylish monitors out there with either a circular shaped stand or square shaped stand. You will not find any monitor with an arc as is the case with this monitor. LG calls this the ArcLine Design and they are calling this the signature addon for only their most premium of monitors. Not only is it supposed to give an excellent balance, but also great aesthetics.

The bezel of this monitor is another excellent piece of design caftsmanship. This is the first time that LG has truly made a thin bezel monitor. Their previous monitors had a slim bezel only on paper, the reality was entirely different. This monitor, on the other hand, lives up to offering only 2.5 mm of bezel. Now this is not nearly as slim as the 0.8 mm bezel on the ASUS MX27AQ, but it is also not as expensive.

When it comes to features, this is a monitor that is loaded with them. Now first of all, the IPS monitor installed on this monitor is not of cheap quality. The premium IPS panel ensures that you have excellent contrast ratio, great response time and most importantly no backlight bleeding.

Other than that, this monitor offers a plethora of features. It covers 99% of sRGB making this monitor suitable for professional work such as photography and graphics designing. This monitor looks like it is just designed for professional office work now doesn’t it? Anyways, on top of that, it has several other features such as black stabilizer. Now this is a feature that is designed for Gamers.

LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S Review 3How many times has it happened to you that you are playing a game, entered a dark room an enemy pops up from around the corner. if you have played Dead Space you will know exactly what I am talking about. Well, the black stabilizer technology manages to fix that by making such scenes brighter. Of course you can turn this feature off.

The monitor has split screen function along with extensive OSD from which you can choose several mode. One of these modes is the reader mode. This reduces the blue light, which is claimed to be the major cause of eye fatigue.

The split screen function has 14 other sub function including picture in picture, re size of display, multiple windows at once etc. It is hard to tell how much response time this monitor has. Even the spec list on the product official page lacks that information.

Another great feature on this monitor is the VESA mount. This really goes to show that LG has really put an effort and thought into making this monitor the most suited monitor as thin bezel monitor. With VESA mounts, you can mount this monitor on top of dedicated separate stands. This monitor also includes stereo speakers rated at 5w each.


LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S Review 4A bit lacking when it comes to connectivity if you ask me. This would have been the most desirable monitor had it featured a Display Port. Unfortunately it does not. It also lacks a VGA port making it not compatible with some of the older systems.

The ports that it does have include 2 x HDMI ports and 1 x DVI-D ports. This is not all bad honestly. With the dual HDMI you can interface say your console and your PC at once. The DVI-D is a port that is available on many motherboards, making it possible to interface with computers that do not have HDMI ports.


The cost is quite justified. In terms of value, I would give this monitor a good thumbs up; however, comparing the overall cost of all the thin bezel monitors out there, this lies near the more expensive range.

If you came here looking for just bear minimum thin bezel monitor, you will find many on the homepage. However, if you came looking for something new, exquisite and offer more than just thin bezel, then you are looking at the right monitor.

The Cons

It does not do too well in the connections. Most of the monitors of this size and price range manage to offer Display Port. The fact that this rather excellent lacks it is a big disappointment.

It is also not a cheap monitor. This may thus be asking for a premium for its design. You can find thin bezel monitor that are about $100 cheaper than this monitor and have the same functionality. Take ASUS VC239H as an example.

LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S Review Conclusion

If you have an itch to try out the latest product in the market that hasn’t been tested much but looks great on paper, then by all means go for it. It is LG. Can you possibly go wrong with purchasing one of their products? This monitor will perform fairly well in all kinds of environments. It has the features and the looks to entertain all. Gamers, office workers and home users, all will find this monitor suited to their needs way or another.