Lenovo ThinkVision X24 Review | 24 inch Bezel-less Monitor

Display: 24″, AH-IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 7ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: Neo-Blade (sleek, frameless
Ports: HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2
Price Scale: 1.5/10
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Lenovo is regarded as one of the best brands in the laptop market (LaptopMag.com). Could the same be said for their monitors? Well, they are not as profound or as widespread as some of the other brands like Dell, but they sure are making quite the name for themselves.

It can be safely said that Lenovo will proceed to become one of the greatest brand in the monitor market like they did in the laptop market. Their key to success has always been quality. That is something that they do not compromise on. However, in the monitor market they have also brought in an entirely new idea: the idea of having excellent designs. While their laptops are simple and minimal, their monitors are elegant to say the least.

Take their previous line of the monitors such as the Lenovo LI2323. Although they failed to put a dent in the market, they were still beautiful and far beyond their competitors in terms of looks.

Lenovo ThinkVision X24 follows in the footsteps. It comes with an entirely new stunning looks with literally no bezel. It is the monitor that you would want to have in your office. Apparently it has been the winner of 3 Best of CES Awards as well (This according to the official Lenovo X24 page). This monitor is fairly new in the market so only time will tell how it bodes with the customers. With the few customers that it already has, they have spoken highly of it praising its looks and also visual quality.

Now you should remember that the time of ugly and simple monitors is long gone. Most of the monitors being built these days are supremely good looking. Have a look at some of the monitor on the main page. Therefore, if this monitor seeks to sell looks, it has a tough competition. So in all realiy, only its performance can mark a significant difference.

If you ask me, I think this is Lenovo’s best shot at making a huge name for themselves in the monitor market. Lets talk a bit more about it in this Lenovo ThinkVision X24 Review.


Design and Features

Lenovo x24 ReviewThe design of this screen speaks volumes about the quality. For those of you who are accustomed to Lenovo laptops would know that their quality is second to none. The same could definitely be said for this monitor. It has supremely elegant stand. Minimal yet classy. Excellent choice for office space. It would utilize little space giving you more work space. The design of the stand is unique and does not seem to copy or take inspiration from anywhere else. It is quite the accomplishment that they have actually managed to fit such a small stand onto the display with out it actually toppling over.

Part of the reason this is possible is because this is a supremely thin and light monitor. It has bezel-less display, but along with that, it is super slim. In fact, it is slimmer than a coin. According to Lenovo, this has been made possible due to a new PCM technology. With the help of this, slimmer backs are possible.

The monitor utilizes a 23.8″ display with AH-IPS panel and FHD resolution. It is not of cheap origin or quality. You should know that IPS panels come in various qualities. Cheaper models deliver bad visuals by damaging the contrast ratio. The image quality on this monitor has been praised though.

From across the board, customers from markets like Amazon.com and Lenovo’s own e-commerce platform have praised the detailed, crisp and vibrant visuals. No backlight bleeding issues or damage to contrast ratio has been reported. Many have also praised it thin bezel. You can read the reviews here.

One of the biggest drawback in terms of features is the lack of VESA mount. This is a feature that in fact was available in the older models. It is strange that Lenovo dropped it in this product. Given the fact that the native stand only has limited adjustability, VESA mounts would have been essential. This is important for those who seek to mount the screen on separate stands that actually can grant high level of adjustability.


Unfortunately, Lenovo ThinkVision X24 does poorly in this department. It only offers HDMI and Display Port. Although those who own modern computers with latest technology would have no trouble interfacing with this display, the ones with older systems would find it lacking.

There are many adapters that you can to switch from one port type to another, but that just means adding more expenses. Plus the visual quality is almost always damaged when using adapters.


Cost is not too bad. Generally, it is available at above one hundred bucks a bit; however, with a little bit of digging you can find it at above one hundred bucks a bit. For example have a look here. Now the price itself isn’t bad. It is very justifiable. If you look at some of the other monitors like the DELL ULTRASHARP U2417HJ or the ASUS VC239H, you will realize that you get what you pay for.

If this monitor is available at above one hundred bucks a bit, it is one the best bargain available. If it is available at its original above one hundred bucks a bit, I would say you reconsider.

The Cons

As mentioned earlier, the lack of VESA mounts is a huge drawback. I know it is difficult to have mounts on such as slim back, it would still cause issues to some. This is especially because the native stand is not fully ergonomic.

Other than that, the port connectivity options is vastly lacking. With the ports that it has, only the latest devices would be able to make use of it correctly. I would say here though that the Display Port is a great addition if you want to have triple monitor setup. It will make your life much easier. But that of course means that you would have to have an awesome graphics card.

Lenovo ThinkVision X24 Review Conclusion

Here is what I would do: If I were to find this monitor at above one hundred bucks a bit, I wouldn’t think twice. However, if I find it at a more expensive price tag like at above one hundred bucks a bit, then I certainly would think twice.

No doubt this a beautiful monitor; however, it does not cater to a vast majority of people. Hardcore gamers would not find it of much use. For general use at home or for office work, this is a great monitor to have.