HP 23er Review | Pavilion 23ER | 23 Inch

HP 23er Review | Pavilion 23ER | 23 Inch

Display: 23″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 7 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: Frameless Design
Ports: 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA,
Price Scale: 1.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Let us explore one of the sensation in the budge monitor market in this HP 23er review. When you speak about super budget monitor nothing beats the value that HP 23er offers. At a price of above one hundred bucks a bit (at the time of writing this review), this monitor offers so much.

From the design to performance, HP leaves no stone unturned with this monitor. Not only is this monitor super budget friendly, it has the specs that should definitely tickle your fancy.

For starters, HP 23er offers beautiful style and aesthetics. It has a very slim bezel and a great overall design to accompany. The fact is that at this price range, a good design is a huge bonus.

Many big monitor brands out there have released awesome new monitors in the market with beautiful design and this monitor is one of them. This monitor has been out in the market for a very short period of time and has already received flawless reviews from its customers.

There is absolutely no doubt that this monitor will sweep the 23 inch monitor market at least in the budget range.

This monitor is built for basic and normal day to day use. It is not designed for professional work or for gaming; however, you can still perform those tasks if you aren’t too hardcore about smallest of details.

In this HP 23er review we will explore some the features of this monitor and also find out how it compares to its closest rivals.


Design and Features

HP Pavilion 23er Review

The design of this monitor is what truly stands out for a budget monitor. Yes there are a lot of beautiful monitors out there but at this price range the design is just jaw dropping to say the least. The monitor has supremely thin bezel making it not only pleasing to the eyes but also a great option for dual or triple monitor display setup.

Given the slimness of this monitor, it lacks VESA mount but why would you ever want to remove this monitor from its native stand. For older monitors with ugly and generic stands it would have made sense to remove the stand and mount the monitor, but with a stand like this I don’t see any reason to do so.

Most of the new lines of monitor have finally moved away from generic circular stands and have started experimenting with new designs. HP Pavilion 23er has one of the most unique stands in the market. The space in the center of the rectangular shaped stand could be used to store accessories like keys and wallet. It just adds a slight bit to the productivity and organization of your work space.

HP Pavilion 23er ReviewThis 23 inch monitor offers IPS panel with vivid visual quality. If you are unaware of what IPS technology is, it is basically the latest trending technology in monitor display technology that promises better visuals and ultra wide viewing angles. IPS panels are inevitable change as the TN panel monitors are already getting obsolete at least in the budget monitor market.

Although this monitor is not full adjustable meaning it does not have swivel, rotation or height adjustment options you can tilt the angle of the monitor to suit your needs.

The response time on this monitor is 7 ms. I know many of you will be put off by the slower response time as compared to TN panel, let me tell you that the difference is barely noticeable by most eyes. If you are professional hardcore gamer, for example, then chances are you will see the difference. For normal use, which is what this monitor is intended for, you will have no problem with slow response time.


HP Pavilion 23er Review 4

This monitor has decent variety of connectivity ports. It grants you 1 x VGA and 1 x HDMI port with which you should have no issue in interfacing with all kinds of devices from gaming consoles to PCs.

It does not have a DisplayPort but at this price you cannot really ask for more now can you?


The cost of this monitor is what sets this monitor apart from the rest. This is a beautiful frameless monitor that seems be charging no premium whatsoever for its awesome design.

Many people have praised the looks and price tag of this monitor. This HP 23er review should have already given you a strong idea about why people are feeling that way.

How does it compare to other monitors in the same category? For the price, it does very well. If you take ViewSonic VX2376-SMHD for example, which is also a great 23 inch monitor and latest in the market, HP Pavilion 23er is much cheaper.

However, in all fairness, the Viewsonic does offer more in terms of connectivity as well as warranty. The ViewSonic includes a DisplayPort and has a 3 year warranty compared to 1 year warranty on HP Pavilion 23er.

The Cons

Since this is a cheap monitor, you can really skip this section altogether. Asking for anything more would be quite unfair. But still, here it goes: this monitor lacks VESA mounts, Display Port, and Audio out ports.

Here is a tip of advice: just don’t expect wonders from this monitor. Don’t expect this monitor will enable you to perform hardcore gaming or hardcore professional work as it is not designed to do so.

Unlike most of the budget monitors out there, this monitor lacks fliker-free and blue light filter technologies that help in putting less strain on your eyes.

HP 23er Review Review Conclusion

In this HP 23er review we had a look at one of the best budget monitors that is up for the grabs in the market. It looks beautiful to say the least and has decent features to keep you entertained.

For those on a tight budget yet still looking for a monitor that they can be proud of, this is the one for you.