Best Gaming Peripheral and Accessories

Thin bezel monitor and gaming goes hand in hand. If you here are looking for best thin bezel monitors, then chances are that you will also be interested in the best gaming peripherals and accessories of 2017 – 2018. Most of you all know there a tons of gaming peripherals and accessories. From keyboard to power supply, you can find almost everything that is gaming grade. Gaming peripherals and accessories are in a class of their own. They are the cream of the cream. However, with a quality like this, gaming peripherals and accessories are usually quite expensive.

How are slim bezel monitors and gaming related? Well, you would want to go for slim bezel monitors for two reasons: either for aesthetics or for their functionality in multi monitor display setups. The larger percentage of people out there would choose these monitor just for a nice multi-monitor display setup.

These setups are usually seen in gaming rigs. Only the most hardcore of gamers go for such setups because gaming on double or triple monitors requires a lot of graphics power. If you think playing a game on ultra setting on one monitor is too heavy on the graphics card, then imagine how heavy would it be if you have multiple monitors.

Well, if you a hardcore gamer, then most certainly you would want to have gaming peripherals and accessories too. This includes gaming grade keyboard, gaming grade mouse, headset or headphones, mouse pads, power supply, gaming ram, chassis and the list goes on. Once you have acquired all these accessories., only then will you have truly satisfied your man cave.

Best Thin Bezel Monitors

LG Electronics 24MP88HV-S ReviewThin bezel monitors are the latest sensation in the market. They are beautiful and perfect for multiple monitor setup.

Best Gaming Peripheral and Accessories 2017 – 2018

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If you just want to check out the best in each category, here is our list.

Best Gaming Laptop


Best Gaming Laptop 2016Asus ROG has been the reigning king of the gaming laptop market, this laptop is the yet another proof of the fact that ASUS deserves that spot up there.

This laptop features all the latest components including DDR 4 RAM, 6th generation processor and a supremely powerful NVIDIA GTX 970M graphics card. There are more expensive model of ASUS ROG G752 available, this one however has the best value in our opinion.

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Best PC Gaming RAM

Corsair Vengeance

Best gaming ram 2016Corsair really needs no introduction. Their accessories are on of the most widely known among the enthusiasts. The Corsair Vengeance is not only the most bought gaming RAM in the market, but also one of the most highly praised. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Corsair has many other series of RAMs as well such as the Dominator or the Platinum; however, nothing really comes close to the value and performance this RAM offers. When it comes to RAMs, the single most important criterion is the reliability. This RAM offers you exactly that.

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Best Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB

best gaming keyboard 2016This top of the line gaming keyboard is the flagship keyboard from Corsair. Featuring a Cherry MX Red and Brown switches, this mechanical keyboard is one of the highly reviewed, liked and bought gaming keyboards in the market.

It is not the cheapest mechanical keyboard in the market, but it speaks of quality from every corner. It is also durable enough to handle all of your rages. From comfortability to construction, this keyboard is flawless to say the least.

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Best Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder

best gaming mouse 2016I am sure you saw this one coming. The quality of this mouse lies in its simplicity. Not only is this mouse super comfortable, but beats every single competition with the comfort it offers.

Many brands out there have tried to create a Razer DeathAdder killer, but none have quite been too successful. This mouse is so far the reigning king and will continue to do so. It is among the most favorite mouse and also the default option that comes to mind when thinking of gaming mouse.

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