Easton Softball Bats

Easton delivers their softball bats with a new Carbon Nanotube technology that makes them stronger and more flexible through the sweet spot of the bat. This revolutionary technology in highly resistant to dents and cracks so your bat will last much longer than normal without a drop off in performance.

Choosing a bat can become quite a testy time for any soft ball player. What are the best choices of softball bats slow pitch are there for me? Now people might find it hard to find a good bat for them, but selection is made easier when you have a specific bat in mind. It always helps to assess what qualities in a bat do you really want? Do you want something that is designed for a hard hitter, or do you want something that is more placements oriented? Do you want something that feels great when you grip it, or something that just looks absolutely frightening? Now don’t laugh about this; this is very important! If you know what your ideal bat feels like in your head, you might just have a great guide with you when you sift through bats in the sports section.

What I would like to suggest to you is the Easton Slowpitch Softball bat. Just by the looks of it, you look like you were taken out of a sci-fi movie! The Easton Speed Softball bat incorporates an end loaded and mulit-wall barrel. It is designed specifically for those who want to hit hard with top of the line techonology. This specific bat offers you with the best material, great design and the absolutely finest manufacturing process available in the market today. This bat is great for those who have a specific criteria for power and sleekness; matched with a design that adds to the intimidation factor you have to have every time you step on up to the plate.

The bat is made with aerospace grade fiber thus giving it the endurance and the effectiveness you are looking for in any bat. With its 100% composite design, this bat swings its weight that adds to the power.

If high quality and durable equipment is what you are looking for then Fastpitch bats made by Easton might be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you’ve played baseball or any form of softball you have no doubt run into players wearing or using Easton equipment. Formed in 1922, Easton has been one of the most important players in the sports equipment business as they produce new innovative features to help athletes each and every year. Easton Fastpitch bats are no different, and are commonly used by many top level fastpitch players game in game out. To choose your size, please click on the links below!

Easton Fastpitch Bats

On this website you will find a few of the more popular fastpitch bats made by Easton. By clicking on the links above, you will be taken to each products page where you can view more details.

The Easton Reflex Slow Pitch Softball Bat is a great bat for your softball sluggers out there. With a durable frame, it is sure to provide you with a great hit every time you swing it. With a 12 inch barrel and a forged end with concave Mother Load, and also a pre-loaded edge cap for extreme power capability, you can start your home run streak right here!

The main concern when picking a slow pitch softball bat is always its quality and also its compliance to the American Softball Association’s standards. So instead of wasting a lot of money for a bat that isn’t even complying with the ASA, you should buy smart! This Easton Reflex Bat is legal and passes the standards of the ASA so you won’t have to worry about using an illegal softball bats slow pitch.

Slow pitch bats are usually those who do not exceed the 98 miles per hour limit. Bats for softball leagues are specifically designed for that. The accepted thought is that even the newest brands of bats will not as hit as far as those older models could. There are a whole lot of varieties when it comes to choices of bats, but I suggest you buy smart and think about the quality in relation to the price of the bat.

When it comes to playing men’s slow pitch softball, you must comply with the ASA softball sanctioned bats. It’s a great shame to spend a lot of money for something that isn’t even legal! There are a lot of ranges of ASA bats that you can choose from, but always keep in mind what you want in a bat. There are a lot of factors that might influence your choice; but always buy smart! Good luck slugger!

Pricing of Easton Fastpitch Softball Bats

The Easton bats you will find on this site range from over one hundred bucks for the Rival XXL to nearly three hundred bucks for the premier bats like the Synergy and Stealth.

Popular Easton Fastpitch Bats

Two of the more popular brands according to fastpitch players are the Stealth Speed, and Synergy. The Synergy is one of the lightest swinging bats on the market and is designed and built to last the fastpitch player many years. The Stealth Speed bat is built specifically for heavy hitters looking to add more distance and consistency to their hitting. Both are approved by all softball associations and offer a full 400 day warranty from Easton.

Easton Fastpitch Bats Reviews

If you’ve ever used any of the Easton fastpitch bats on this website, feel free to leave a comment below indicating any positive or negative experiences you’ve had. This will help other users out as well with their choice.