Difference Between HTML and CSS

Knowing the difference between HTML and CSS is critical for any web developer and designer. The Internet has made its way into almost everyone’s life. We have become addicted to it, whether we want to admit it or not. There isn’t a single area of human interest which doesn’t have its services available online. This trend is always expanding with certain services becoming more popular than ever, such as Internet banking, studying, and freelancing.

People visit different websites on a daily basis and most of them have a unique design. Have you ever wondered how a website gets its unique look? You have probably already heard of HTML and CSS. You may know it’s some kind of code used to write and shape a website. However, most people are not familiar with those terms and the difference between HTML and CSS.

This article will explain the difference between HTML and CSS along with their certified definitions. Designing a web page which will attract viewers is not an easy job. A website can contain lots of links, pictures, videos, etc., and you’re the one that has to place them, arrange them in a good-looking fashion and make the whole thing error-free. Let’s see how can you accomplish that.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a markup language used for writing and designing websites and web applications. The latest version is HTML 5.0 and it was released in 2014. HTML uses different tags to implement different structures. For example,

<img>….image location…</img>

A tag like this is used to include an image in your webpage. What needs to be understood is that you pretty much start from scratch. There is a lot of simple text-editing tools which can be used to write HTML. HTML gives you a rough image of what your website looks like. You are able to add content and see that content clearly.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a style sheets language used to write code which will provide the design and presentation of the content contained within the HTML file. It was developed in 1997. and it became a standard when the World Wide Web Consortium agreed that CSS should be used to design and polish the aesthetics of a web page.

CSS also uses tags which can be easily understood by everyone. You can simply arrange and edit everything, from font, text color and page size to floating elements.

Are they Programming Languages?

Most the experts are of the opinion that HTML and CSS are not a programming language. A programming language is a sophisticated set of codes that can form a logical and functional purpose.

HTML and CSS, on the other hand, only fulfill the structural aspect. It does not have any loops or conditional statements. There is not mathematical or binary manipulation. It cannot compute the sum or multiply.

If HTML and CSS are the composition of the body, a programming language like C, Java etc. is the brain.

How Exactly Are They Different?

Difference Between HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS don’t have the same function in web development. HTML is used to create the basic layout of your website. It deals with the crucial things your website has to offer such as overall content, including tables, images and videos, inserting paragraphs, etc. HTML doesn’t care about how is your website going to appeal to your respective audience.

Basically, you input your content divided into sections and you will be able to see the simplest version of your website. Sometimes when your Internet connection is slow and unresponsive, your browser will show the website’s look with only HTML coding applied. There is also an option to load only basic HTML while entering Google Mail. The loading speed is also faster because it’s the CSS that your browser struggles with loading.

CSS can’t really exist without HTML because CSS only describes how will HTML elements behave. However, a website written exclusively in HTML can operate just fine but it will be mostly text and images on a blank background.

HTML without CSS 》Fine

HTML with CSS 》》 Awesome

CSS without HTML 》Just No!

HTML Is Crucial But Annoying

Additionally, while using HTML, you have to write more code each time you want to add an attribute to one of your elements. That means that each paragraph, section, and link needs to have its own code instructions to behave exactly how you want them to. However, you can avoid that excessive coding in CSS by assigning a single class which will be referred to throughout your code.

CSS files are generally included in your HTML code and you can consider CSS as a sort of subset for HTML. CSS uses simple words to operate and you will be able to understand it if you are familiar enough with English language and working with Microsoft Office.

Any Similarities

Yes. HTML and CSS have a similar structure and they both use similar tags to separate different sections. They are both irreplaceable when it comes to website and web applications development.

They both use a very simple language to communicate with the user. Also, they operate together to bring to you almost every page you visit today. They can both be written in a simple text editor. CSS is written inside the HTML code in most cases.

Let’s Find Something Relatable

Difference Between HTML and CSS

You can picture the whole process like this. Let’s suppose you want to build a new house.

The foundation can be represented by a good text editor with HTML writing implemented. After a while, your house will have walls, windows, doors, a roof and that is pretty much it. That rough, non-esthetical look of the house can be imagined like your HTML code. It’s still a house, but it’s not attractive to the eye and certainly won’t attract any attention.

Finally, you will design your interior, place your furniture in an orderly fashion, do an inside and outside paint job making your house feel more like a home. That final touch is the CSS code.  It distinguishes your site from other sites because there are endless possibilities for you to make it even more beautiful and amazing. Of course, a house will be a house even without a paint job, or a well-designed interior. However, a bucket of paint with some decorations and furniture is what makes a house a home.

HTML and CSS certainly have more differences than similarities but they serve the same purpose and that is to help you adjust your website. Feel free to explore everything they have to offer. You’ll be surprised. The only way to truly find out the difference between HTML and CSS is to find it out for yourself.