Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx Review

Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx review

Display: 25″, IPS Panel, 2560xx1440, 60Hz
Notable Features: QHD, VESA (100mm)
Ports: HDMI, DP. mDP,
Price Scale: 3.5/10
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars


Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx is one of the latest monitors launched by Dell in the year of 2106. It is also one of the few monitors that is 25 inch.

25 inch? Well you may have heard of 24 or 23 inch monitors, why would anyone go for 25 inch? And why in the world are they so expensive compared to a normal 24 inch monitor?.

Simply put, these are premium monitors that have higher than FHD resolution. These monitors boast a resolution of QHD which is 2560×1440. This gives you a lot of real estate to work on.

Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx is one such monitor. This is a premium grade monitor. Although it costs more than a conventional 24 inch monitor, it has all the features of a decent professional monitor.

For starters it hails from the Dell Ultrasharp line of monitor that are known for their quality and work capabilities. These are monitor that you usually see with workstations due to their reliability and durability.

This series of monitor does have two other sizes: 24 inch and 27 inch which you can also look into. Both of these monitors are also very famous in their size categories.

This monitor is successor to the famous Dell Ultrasharp U2515H – one of the first 25 inch monitor to have hit the market with QHD resolution.

Note that there are also FHD 25 inch monitors available. They are much cheaper and give you slightly larger screen size.


Design and Features

Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx Review

The thing that is evident from the first glance right of the bat is how thin the bezel on this monitor is. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of this monitor, it is also an essential requirement for multiple monitor display setups.

However, if you are considering a dual or triple monitor setup, make sure that your hardware can support it. You will not only only need the appropriate ports, you will also need to ensure that your hardware can support so much resolution.

QHD resolution can become quite taxing on your computer hardware when you perform professional editing work or play games. Which is probably the reason you would be opting to go for this monitor. This is not your average home use monitor for surfing on the internet or word processing.

Like most of the quality monitors these days, Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx offers an IPS panel. If you don’t already know, IPS panel offers superior colors and viewing angles as compared to older TN panel monitors.

Thanks to the superb quality of panel installed in this monitor, Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx offers 99% sRGB coverage along with a deltaE < 3. With features like these, this monitor is technically a professional monitor being offered at a very cheap price.

This monitor is also VESA compatible. Therefore, if you want to mount this monitor on a wall or a dedicated stand, you can do so easily. This is not to say that the stand on this monitor is not already amazing.

In fact, the stand on this monitor is fully ergonomic. It can tilt, swivel, pivot and also adjust its height. This is essential for professional environments.

This monitor comes perfectly factory calibrated. Therefore, you will not need to sit and fix the colors for hours. Furthermore, this monitor comes with several features likes Easy Arrange that helps you arrange and view the windows on the screen.

The three years warranty on this monitor is also extraordinary. Normally you would only expect a warranty of 1 year from monitors. The fact that this monitor offers 3 years of warranty goes far to tell you the quality of it.


This monitor offers a plethora of connectivity options including HDMI ports, Display Ports and a USB hub. You should have no issue whatsoever interfacing this monitor with your computer or any other device.

If, in any way, this monitor does not have the port that you are looking for, then you can always find very cheap adapters on the market. However, to reap the benefits of higher resolution, you will need to use HDMI or Display Port.

This monitor also comes with an audio jack.


Whether this monitor is expensive or cheap depends upon which angle you are looking at it from. If you are looking at it from the angle of a normal home use monitor, then yes Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx is an expensive monitors.

However, if you look at it through the eyes of professional, this is one of the best bargain for a professional monitor.

How does it fare with competition? The only close competition to this monitor is the ASUS MX25AQ, which has been in the market for quite some time. Like the Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx, the ASUS is a also a premium grade 25 inch monitor.

They cost almost the same so the decision would likely be based on aesthetics and brand loyalty.

Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx Review Conclusion

Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx is the successor to a very famous and decent 25 inch monitor, the Dell UltraSharp U2515H. Although the improvement is only slight, it still gives an excellent performance for professional use.

As you have already read in this Dell UltraSharp U2515Hx review, is a professional monitor with awesome color reproduction and high resolution.