Dell Professional P2717H Review

Dell Professional P2717H Review

Display: 27″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080,6ms Response Time, 60Hz
Ports: VGA, DP, HDMI, 5 x USB Hub
Price Scale: 2.5/10
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars


In this Dell Professional P2717H review, we will talk about one of the finest monitors in the market. The P series of monitors is a long-standing and old line of professional monitors by Dell.

The monitors hailing from this series are considered to be the best for office environments. They are not expensive and are loaded with features that conventional monitors lack.

This particular monitor is a 27 inch monitor. This monitor does come in other sizes including 24″, 23″, 21.6″, and 19.5″.

One of the best features of this monitor is extensive connectivity. Furthermore, this monitor has VESA mounting holes along with full adjustability options.

Is this monitor worth considering? How does it go against its competition? We will try to answer those questions in this Dell Professional P2717H Review.


Design and Features

Dell Professional P2717H Review

The monitor is a beauty to behold. It is simple yet looks elegant and classy. This is a monitor that can enhance the looks of your workspace with its simplicity. Furthermore, it has a fairly slim bezel making it suitable for more than one display side by side.

Since this monitor comes with VESA mounting holes, you can hook two or three of these monitors on dedicated multiple monitor stands for a continuous screen. This setup, however, will cost you quite a bit.

The native stand of this monitor itself has full adjustability options including tilt, swivel, pivot, rotate and height adjustment. Therefore, if you work requires you to view the project from different angles, this is the monitor for you. You chance the layout of this monitor from a normal landscape to portrait. This is perfect for reading.

In terms of hardware, this monitor comes with IPS panel and FHD resolution. IPS stand for in-plane switching. This is a newer technology as compared to the TN panels. It promises better colors and much wider viewing angles.

The IPS panel does not necessarily add to the cost of this monitor as the TN panel monitors cost more or less the same. The only relative drawback of this panel type is the slower response time.

TN panels have faster response times. You can find some featuring less than one ms response. This monitor has a response time of 6 ms. Response time governs how often you would the motion blur or the ghosting effect. The lower the better.

For a normal eye, 6 ms is not a bad response time at all. Most of the user won’t be able to tell the difference between 6 or 1 ms response times.

Furthermore, this monitor comes with the standard 60 Hz refresh rate. There are models that boast 144 Hz refresh rate, but they are expensive and mostly built for gamers.


One of the biggest benefits of this monitor is that it has extensive connectivity options. Professional environments demand that their monitors be easily interfaced with other devices. That is what this monitor accomplishes perfectly.

This monitor features a Display Port, HDMI port, VGA port and 5 x USB port hub. The USB port hub includes 1 x USB 3.0 upstream, 2 x USB 3.0 downstream, and 2 x USB 2.0 ports downstream.

All of the essential ports are there. With these ports, you can interface with both old and newer devices without any problem.

The only relative drawback is that it does not include an Audio Port. Therefore, you cannot hook in your speakers or earphones via the monitor.


Cost wise this monitor has a fairly good value. Granted there are cheaper 27-inch monitors available in the market, but most them do not feature a plethora of connectivity options.

On top of that, this monitor is fully adjustable. Most of the budget end 27-inch monitors are fitted to rigid stand that has not adjustability.

If you are looking for a great monitor for a professional environment, then this is a good monitor to go for. Otherwise, you can look at cheaper options like ASUS VE278H and HP Pavilion 27xw

Dell Professional P2717H Conclusion

Dell Professional P2717H is a perfect monitor for office and professional use. It is somewhat more expensive than the normal 27-inch monitors; however, it boasts amazing features. It is one of the best port configuration and has full adjustability options.