ASUS VC239H Review | 23 inch Slim Bezel

ASUS VC239H Review

Display: 23″, AH-IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 5ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: VESA Mount, Stereo Speakers
Price Scale: 1.5/10
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


ASUS is a leading brand in the computer market. Not only do they make quality monitors, but are also known for their quality computer components. There quality is second to none. It is also because of this reason why most of their monitors are regarded as some of the best.

Most of the time, design is not the biggest selling point of ASUS monitors. Except for the ASUS Designo MX series monitors, most of their displays are mundane. However, their biggest selling point is overall configuration. They offer everything that you can imagine at a supremely affordable price tag.

There are other cheaper brands in the market, but none can match the quality or the features that ASUS offers. From port configuration to the quality of the visual, everything checks out perfectly on ASUS monitors.

ASUS VC239H is one the latest affordable IPS monitor with a thin bezel in the market. One the first glance, you will notice that it has a very narrow bezel. Secondly, you will notice that it is available at perhaps the cheapest rate in the market. Although it is not on par with some of the other brands in terms of looks, it has everything that an average person or an average would ever need. Read this ASUS VC239H Review to find out more.


Design and Features

Asus VC239H ReviewLike I said earlier, the design is something that wouldn’t attract you on the first look. The looks of this monitor are quite generic. They do not offer much and would definitely not be the center of your attraction. If you check out some of the other monitors on the homepage, you will find some very nice looking monitors.

The monitor offers a very standard plastic stand with a round shape base. Although the stem originating from the base and connecting the monitor looks a bit sophisticated, it doesn’t have what it really takes to be fantastic.

However, that should matter less to you since this is a monitor that offers VESA mounting holes at a very cheap price. So the point being that this is a monitor built for triple monitor display setups and it is supposed to be mounted on separate dedicated stands. The native stand itself provides only limited tilt adjustability, it offers nothing else. However, with separate VESA stands, you can find those that offer full adjustability like swivel, rotate as well as elevation.

ASUS VC239H Triple Monitor

Features wise this monitor is just adequate. It has a reasonably fast 5 ms response time. Along with that it offers a high end superior AH-IPS panels. Yes, IPS panels have categories. Some are newer, while others are older. The newer IPS panels have minimal backlight bleeding, which was an issue in the older panels.

Other than that this is an average 23″ monitor with FHD resolution. It also offers speakers. Not something that you will use often, if ever, but still a nice feature to have nevertheless. It should be noted that speakers are not great at all. This should definitely not be the deciding point for you.


For the price, this monitor has just the right amount of ports. It offers HDMI, D-SUB, and a DVI-D port. Interfacing with devices should not be any problem since with these ports you can connect to older and newer devices easily.

The only port missing in this monitor is the Display Port. Display Port is not necessary, but would make your life so much easier if you are setting up triple monitor display. Furthermore, it does not have a USB hub.


This is where this monitor truly stands out. From the top 10 lists of thin bezel monitor on the homepage, this monitor is the cheapest. Offering almost everything that a normal person would deem necessary, this is the best valued monitor in the market.

The best part is where most of the brands are charging a premium for thin bezel, this monitor actually goes the opposite way. It is available for cheaper price tag that some of the thicker bezel ones. Meaning, this is setting a new trend in the market.

For a budget setup, this is the go to monitor for a dual or triple monitor setup. In fact, the visuals on this monitor are good enough to be considered by even some of the professionals out there.

Available at about above one hundred bucks a bit, this monitor offers the greatest bang for the buck. Granted it offers only 23″, as compared to other 24″ or 25″ monitors, the difference isn’t too significant. Plus, the resolution being offered is still FHD, so you will still have the same amount of real estate as you would on larger screen counterparts.

The Cons

As mentioned earlier, the looks of the monitor are quite lacking. You will have to invest on a separate stand if you want it stand out and be appealing to the eyes.

Secondly, it does not have Display Port. To be fair, this is an expensive feature and you will find it mostly on monitors that are almost twice the price as this.

ASUS VC239H Review Conclusion

I would recommend this monitor in a heart beat. It is the most affordable thin bezel monitor in the market. Most of the time you have to sacrifice features when you go for cheaper priced products; however, with this monitor you would not have to do that.

It is a complete package offering everything that an average person or a gamer would need.