AOC i2777fq Review – 27-Inch Bezel-less Monitor

AOC i2777fq Review - 27-Inch Bezel-less Monitor

Display: 27″, 1920×1080, IPS Panel, 5ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: Frameless Design, VESA Mount
Ports: VGA, 2 x HDMI, Display Port, Headphone
Price Scale: 2.3/10
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


AOC may not be the most well known brand in the market, but it definitely is the first that had ventured into the market for nearly frameless design. They were one of the first to see that a nearly bezelless monitor is possible with the IPS panels; something that was rarely possible with the TN panels. Hence came their first generation monitor like the AOC i2367Fh. Even in market like where everybody is a critic and even the smallest flaw can lead you to tremendously bad review, this monitor prevailed and made quite the name for itself.

The AOC i2777fq builds up on its predecessor with much better functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics. It is also much cheaper and more functional than the more expensive model: Alphascan AOC 2481. It simply improves all the flaws that its predecessors such a lack of VESA mounts all the while maintaining an extremely affordable price tag. The price on this monitor is stupendously affordable. A 27 inch monitor that nearly has a zero bezel and harbors an IPS panel is something that many just dream off.

27 inch monitor are great for workstations and even for gaming. Although many prefer to have higher than FHD resolution for 27 inch monitors, their price point usually puts many people off. A multiple monitor display with a monitor that costs about four thousand bucks a serious dent in your pocket; however, with this AOC i2777fq you really don’t have to worry about that.

See that thing about electronics is that when you start to get picky about features then sky would truly be the limit for you. If you start looking for a bezel-less monitor that has QHD resolution, has 144HZ refresh, has a display port, 1 ms response time, covers 100% sRGB cover gamut, has IPS panel and is affordable, you will basically be doing a wild goose chase. It is not possible to have everything. Yes there are monitors that have all of the above features. They are not only rare, but are also super expensive. You can find of those here.

To learn more about this monitor read this AOC i2777fq Review further.


Design and Features

AOC i2777fq ReviewLike the predecessor, the design of this monitor really speaks up for the quality of this monitor. From the back and the front, the monitor has be carefully crafted. The stand is not generic, instead it looks stunning with aluminium finish. It is also large enough to act as a platform of your keys, phone or wallet.

The back of the monitor is again gorgeous to say the least. Noticing just the monitor stand from the back gives an impressive look. You would not want to hide the back of this monitor with a wall. No! You want everyone to see its back.

It is covered in glossy black material with an aluminium plate running across its lower back. If you seek classy, then you have got it. The monitor looks clean and could easily be the center piece of you room or living area. Two or three of these monitor would just look grand.

Now you can either leave this monitor mounted on the beautiful stand that it already has, or you could get a VESA compliant stand. This monitor is mountable with 75mm VESA stand. A stand would definitely be useful if you want to have a multiple monitor setup. Also since the stand does not have full ergonomics i.e adjustability like tilt, swivel or rotate, a separate would would make that possible.

Speaking of features, lets talk about the insides of this monitor. This monitor boasts a 27 inch IPS panel with full HD display. Although it does not specify which IPS panel it actually uses (IPS panels have different categories like e-IPS, AH-IPS etc), we will assume that it just uses a generic IPS panel.

IPS panel would not only ensure better image quality as compared to its same priced TN counterparts, but also ultra-wide viewing angles. Previously people had reservation about the slow response time and the backlight bleeding that used to be visible on IPS panels. However that was a long time ago.This monitor has a 5ms response time, which is way faster than the older 8 ms ones. Also, most of the eyes would not notice the difference between a 1ms response time monitor or a 5ms response time monitor.

AOC i2777fq slim bezel monitorIt should be noted that not only does this monitor have a slim bezel, it is also very narrow from the sides. It has a very slim overall profile making it ideal for a gorgeous video wall on triple monitor setup. Upon all of that, AOC i2777fq offers speakers as well. Now of course you cannot expect much from a 2-3w speakers, but still having them is quite the luxury. You will find them useful when you happen to come across a time or place where you do not have any speakers available.


This monitor really stands out with the ports it offers. It has one the most outstanding configuration of ports and of course I am judging while taking the price into consideration. For a monitor that is cheaper than most monitor out there, it offers VGA ports, 2 x HDMI ports and also a display port. With a display port and HDMI ports, it seems like this monitor was built solely for multiple monitor setups. Hands down the best configuration in terms of price.


As if the features were not enough, the price is definitely the deal breaker. This is one the cheapest 27 inch monitor in the market for what it offers. You will not find such a diverse collection of ports along with that a bezelless aesthetics in the market.

The Cons

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to write cons for this seemingly flawless product. I cannot imagine asking for anything more; however, there are few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Firstly, this monitor is fairly new in the market. It hasn’t had enough customers to form a generalized opinion. So consider yourself guinea pigs when trying this product out.

Secondly it has the issue of limited adjustability. The stand, albeit gorgeous, does not offer tilt, swivel, rotation or height adjustment options. Therefore, you cant position the monitor instead you’ll have to position yourself. This issue can be remedied with a separate VESA stand that you can easily buy anywhere like on These stand usually have full adjustability options. Just check to see that they do before you make the purchase.

There is also the fact that this monitor only has FHD resolution on a 27 inch display. The norm of WQHD being the native resolution for 27 inch is quickly gaining pace. Soon most of the 27 inch monitor will only feature higher than FHD resolution. Therefore, this monitor may not be entirely future proof. I would rather have some of the other monitor on the top 10 list.

AOC i2777fq Review Conclusion

I will recommend this monitor in a heart beat. Period. AOC i2777fq is one of the best thin bezel monitor that I have come across. It is just a complete package designed simply for those seeking great looks and multiple monitor setup.

This could easily become the finest in its category. Finding a thin bezel monitor is hard enough; but, finding a thin bezel monitor with a VESA mount, all the necessary ports including HDMI and DP and upon that a fast response time and fantastic looks is a dream come true. All of which is available at an affordable price.