AOC i2481FXH Review | 24-Inch Class IPS Frameless

AOC i2481FXH Review

Display: 24″, AH – IPS, 1920×1080, 5 ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: Frameless Design, Space Saving Base
Ports: D-SUB, HDMI x 2, Headset
Price Scale: 1.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


When you can talk about buying a monitor, or any kind of electronics in general, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it has to be from a well known brand.

People usually ask questions whether this is a legit company, such as this thread on They always get the usual answer, that this is a quality brand. Not well known, but quality nevertheless.

So in the case of monitors, you would naturally start seeking brands like Dell, Samsung, HP etc. Because in your mind, you cannot go wrong with a product originating from these brands.

However, that is not always the smartest way to going about buying things. Sometimes you have to open up your mind to other lesser known brands. In fact, often times some of the lesser known brands can out perform their more well known counterparts.

Well AOC is one such brands and Alphascan AOC 2481 is one such product. It may not be the most advertised brand in the market, it is definitely quality. In fact, AOC was one of the first brands to make a bezelless monitor, the AOC i2367Fh which was a huge success.

The AOC i2481FXH, is basically an upscale model of the AOC i2367Fh. It costs more, but vastly improves on the drawbacks of the previous model. Read this AOC i2481FXH review to find out if this monitor is worth your money.


Design and Features

Alphascan AOC 2481 ReviewIf there is one thing that could be said for certain about AOC monitors is that their designs are un matched. As mentioned earlier, they were the first to offer frameless monitors. This was long before the trend of the monitor market actually changed to thin bezel monitors.

Alphascan AOC 2481 is the perfect example of a zero bezel monitor. Thus making it not just ideal but the perfect display for multiple monitors setup. With a 2 mm bezel not only is this monitor a beauty to behold, but it can also offer the best continuity between multiple monitors.

The overall aesthetics of this monitor conform to minimalist design. The stand itself is one of a kind in the market. While many monitors out there have incorporated oval or rectangular stands, this monitor experiments with an all new design.

The display utilizes an AH-IPS. This is a superior build IPS panel. You should note that like the conventional TN panels, the IPS panels also come in several qualities. That is one of the biggest reason why you see such a huge price differential. For example, you can find IPS monitors that range from as little as $150 to as much as $600 and even more.

The better the quality of the IPS panel, the lower would be response time and most importantly the backlight bleeding. Backlight bleeding has been a big issue with IPS panels. Cheaper IPS monitors have a profound backlight bleeding, which can significantly damage the contrast ratio.

This monitor utilizes a good quality AH-IPS panel. It is not the best IPS panel available in the market, but it is neither the cheapest. You would have little to worry about backlight bleeding; however, the color depth is not on par with the professional IPS panels.

The monitor does have a few engines in it. Fliker-Free technology would put lower strain on your eyes. Split screen function would help you multitask.

The 5 ms response time is one of the best response times available for IPS panels. The average for IPS panels is actually 8 ms. Although to a normal eye this wouldn’t make a big difference. To some like gamers, they could benefit from the lower motion blur and ghosting effect thanks to the faster response time.

Zero Bezel For Eyefinity Setup?

The previous model of this monitor had a slim bezel; however, unfortunately it had missed one key ingredient of making it the perfect monitor for a multiple monitor setup. That monitor lacked VESA mounts.

Unfortunately, this monitor continues to have the same problem. It lacks that one ingredient that prevents AOC from being the leading monitor brand in this category.

Alphascan AOC 2481 Review 2So is it the best monitor to be had for eyefinity setup? Well, considering that fact that most people aiming to have such setup would want to install their monitors on dedicated two or three monitors stand. With this, that would be impossible. The separate stands that you buy in the market are only VESA compatible and since this monitor lacks those mounts, the only option you have with monitor is to use its native stand.

The monitor checks in almost all other aspects though. Personally, I would NOT recommend for multiple monitor setup simply because it does not have VESA mounts. However, if you are okay with just keeping the native stand with dual or triple monitor display then this monitor would a beautiful addition.


The connectivity options on this monitor are quite adequate. It offers 2 x HDMI ports, one D-SUB port and an audio port. It lacks DP port, which is an important port for multiple monitor setups.

The multiple HDMI ports is a nice feature to have. Most people like to connect multiple devices to their monitors. The dual HDMI ports would enable you to do so.


This is not an expensive monitor at all. Remember, this monitor is also by sold by Alphascan at twice the price. So be cautious about that. If you are looking into this monitor then you may also consider the HP Pavillion 25xw or even the ASUS VC239H monitors.

They may not have as thin of a bezel or the same aesthetics, they are still a strong competition for this monitor.

The good news is, since the AOC monitor is still new in the market, it will definitely see a discount in the near future. This is normal for all monitors.

The Cons

For starters, this is an expensive monitor. For somebody who would want to setup multiple monitors setup, this monitor can put quite a dent in your pocket with the current price tag that it has.

Secondly, it does not offer VESA mounts. Thus making it not really the most versatile monitor. Monitor almost half as much as this offer VESA mounts. It is truly a shame that this one does not.

Display Port is sometimes an essential requirement for triple monitors setup. The fact that this monitor lacks that is also disappointing.

The reason I am being critical of this monitor with smallest of details is because it is an expensive monitor. Had this been around $180, the cons would have been outweighed simply by its price point. That is not the case right now.

AOC i2481FXH Review Conclusion

With the current price tag, this monitor offers a lot. This monitor may have one of the thinnest bezels in the market and may possibly have the best specs for the price.

However, this monitor does have very strong competition such as by ASUS or HP monitors.