Acer H277H smidx Review – 27-Inch Frameless Monitor

Acer H277H smidx Review - 27-Inch Frameless Monitor

Display: 24″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 4 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: Frameless Design
Price Scale: 2/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Acer H277H smidx is the testament to how far Acer has come even in their line of basic monitors. While Acer has entered the market of WQHD and Gaming Displays, it is still their budget monitors that are making most name for themselves.

Acer has experimented with several designs in the past. Some with awkward stands that did not really work on with the customers. Others are so generic that people buy them only for their price sacrificing their need for looks.

Well, that is there the new series of Acer monitors comes into action. Acer H277H smidx hails from a such a beautiful line of monitors that one wonders if they are really budget. Ok, the design may not be unique and may look inspired from other brands, that doesn’t matter if the monitors are literally 2/3 the price.

It is safe to say that this monitor, and the models emerging from this series will win the hearts of the customers. This can be proven by the fact that since the short time this monitor has been in the market, it has received almost flawless 565 reviews on a market like That is quite an achievement.

So this monitor looks great, is affordable and has amazing reviews? Is there any catch. Well, not really if you understand the concept of you get what you pay for. Even if you do understand, let me tell you that this monitor gives a lot more than what you pay for. Read this Acer H277H smidx review to find out exactly what I mean.

A Brief Intro…


Design and Features

Acer H277H smidx ReviewThe design of this monitor really speaks volume about the effort that Acer has put into revamping their monitors. Previously, their monitors were mundane. People with a tight budget often went for Acer but sacrificed on the looks. Their monitor were great for the price, but not really the center of attraction in your room.

With this line of monitors, Acer has truly changed that image. Acer is on full throttle to emerge as the best monitor brand to go for. Acer H277H smidx is a beautiful monitor with a very slim bezel. Acer have themselves claimed that this is a monitor designed for video wall and multiple monitor display setups. You may notice that this monitor looks inspired from the famous ASUS DESIGNO MX series of monitors.

The only shame is that the this monitor does not have VESA mounts. If you want a true multiple monitor, then it needs to have VESA mounts. They give you added functionality of mounting them on separate ergonomic stands. Acer H277H smidx lacks that. However, you wouldn’t really want to replace the existing beautiful collar shaped stand with a separate now would you. The real beauty of this monitor truly lies in this stand it offers.

Acer H277H smidx Review 4Let us talk about features now. Whenever people hear of a budget IPS monitor, they always feel there is a catch. Most of the time that is true. IPS panels come in many different qualities. So don’t expect the IPS panel installed in this monitor to be comparable to say those that are twice as expensive.

Now, customers have had mixed feedback about the IPS panel on this monitor. Some have stated that there is backlight bleeding (an issue that is profound with budget IPS monitors) other have refuted that claim. However, even the one who had the issue has stated that this backlight bleeding is only noticeable when you are in a dark room. Well, this may sound as cliche, but you do get what you pay for. If you are gonna be picky and try to perfect, then you might as well go for monitors that are twice as expensive.

Other than that, this 27 inch monitor offers very limited adjustability with a small back and forth tilt. It has a fast response time of 4ms. For IPS panels that is quite fast. Speakers are also integrated. But, you can’t really expect much from them. Other than that, there are technologies like the famous eye care technology supported on this monitor.


Acer H277H smidx Review 5Overall, Acer H277H smidx has great connectivity options. For the price, I wouldn’t really expect more. It has an HDMI port, along with VGA and DVI port. The three most essential ports are already there so interfacing with devices should not be an issue. The only port missing is the Display Port.

Display Port is usually found in expensive monitors, but if you are really lucky then you can find them on cheap monitors as well. AOC I2777FQ is an example of such monitor. Let me tell you here that AOC I2777FQ is by far the biggest challenge for this monitor. They both have almost the similar price point and have similar specs also. So you should decide carefully between the two.


This is one of the cheapest 27 inch monitor that you can get in the market. There is not doubt about that. Along with that it is also one of the cheapest monitor that you can get with such an amazing look. There is no doubt in my mind that this monitor is worth every penny.

Why have I given this monitor a 7/10 then? Well, remember this site compares THIN BEZEL of the monitors. Although for its size category this monitor has an amazing value, thin bezel wise, there are cheaper thin bezel monitors available in the market that you can have a look at here.

The Cons

As mentioned earlier, this monitor does suffer from backlight bleeding. This is noticeable in dark environments. This leads me to conclude that the IPS panel installed is the not the best of the quality. However, with the price of this monitor, it can be forgiven.

Other than that, this monitor may look really good, but from the inside it is quite bland. It is just a very basic FHD IPS monitor.

Acer H277H smidx Review Conclusion

Acer H277H smidx is a beautiful monitor in all definition. It is affordable as well as has all the bells and whistles to keep an average Joe entertained and satisfied. Is it perfect for everyone? No, not really. Hardcore Gamers especially would not find this monitor satisfying.

For casual Gamers, normal home use or for office work, this monitor is excellent.