Acer H257HU smidpx Review | 25 inch IPS WQHD Narrow Bezel

Acer H257HU smidpx Review

Display: 25″, IPS Panel, 2560×1440, 4 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: Frameless Design, Speakers
Ports: DVI-D Port, HDMI, Display Port
Price Scale: 3.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Acer H257HU smidpx is one of the latest monitors by Acer that features their latest design style as well as WQHD resolution. This is a 25 inch monitor that boasts an IPS screen with a slim bezel.

Acer monitors are not new the WQHD or in the IPS display market. In fact, before the release of Acer H257HU smidpx, Acer had actually released the monitor that almost has the same specs as this: Acer G257HU smidpx but costs about a $100 less. So how does this monitor differ from the G257HU and why is it more expensive?

This Acer H257HU smidpx review aims to answer that question. How does this monitor compare with rest of the 25 inch WQHD IPS monitors out there? If you are aware of the big brands in the computer market, you will know that Acer is the brand for the cheapest components. So is this monitor one of the cheapest in the market?

Judging by the fact that Acer already has a cheaper monitor with the same specs mentioned above, is it safe to say that this monitor is expensive at the moment? No matter what the answer be to that question, one thing is clear: this monitor has one of the most beautiful looks in the market. Although I would say that it does take its inspiration from the ASUS Designo series, it still has some additional design touches added to it.


Design and Features

Acer-H257HU-smidpx-ReviewOne of the most outstanding feature of Acer H257HU smidpx is that it has some of the best design aesthetics in the market. Most of the thin bezel monitors aim to make a statement about their design, and this monitor lives up to that criteria. It is super slim not just with the bezel, but also with the overall profile. The stand, which has a collar shape, is unique in its design but does look a bit inspired from other brands. Nevertheless, its premium and classy looks can easily make this monitor the center piece of your living room. Now if you have multiple Acer H257HU smidpx monitors, then the overall aesthetics will be taken to a whole new level.

The only shame with the design of this monitor is that it does not offer VESA mounts. It would be amazing to have two or three of these monitors mounted on highly adjustable separate stands. However, the fact that it lacks VESA holes, either you will find it impossible to hook up, or you wouldn’t find the motivation to create DIY VESA mounts for each of the monitors.

Acer H257HU smidpx Review 5The features of this monitor are quite adequate. The display offers an IPS panel, which is the new norm in the market and has almost replaced the TN panel in all categories of monitors. The IPS panels typically offers better visual quality as well as superior viewing angles. The monitor offers WQHD resolution. Now I personally find this resolution good for 27 inch monitors. For 25 or 24 inch monitors, I find it a bit too much. The ratio of the resolution with the physical display size is just too much for my taste. But, for many that is not the case. To most this would be an essential feature actually.

You should note that gaming on just one of the WQHD monitors is demanding. If you choose to have multiple of these monitors, make sure you are harboring a very powerful graphics card. Most of the average graphics cards will have a hard time running games at this resolution across multiple screens.

Other than that, this monitor offers a fast response time of 4 ms. Which is normally regarded as the best IPS panels can do at the moment. To many, this won’t be a huge issue. Most of the times you won’t even be able to realize the difference between 4 ms or 1 ms response times. Even if you do, you will find out that the visual quality will just compensate for it.

This monitor has other features that are nice but not the most important such as built in speakers and other technologies such as Fliker-Less and Blue Light Filter that basically treat your eyes for longer sessions.


Acer H257HU smidpx Review 3Acer H257HU smidpx does quite well l in terms of connectivity. It offers a good range of options with which you should have no issue whatsoever in interfacing with different devices. The monitor offers a DVI-D port, HDMI and a Display Port.

For the price that you are paying, you would expect a USB Hub at least, but unfortunately it lacks that feature.


This is where the issue lies with this monitor. This monitor seems to charge a lot for its design and a few extra features that are not too important.

Consider the Acer G257HU smidpx. Acer itself has a monitor that is 25 inch has WQHD display, a thin bezel and the same response time and connectivity options as the Acer H257HU smidpx. Yet, it is about a $100 cheaper. The only few features that it lacks in comparison are integrated speakers, blue light filter and filcker-less technology, all of which you can live without.

If you really want those eye care technologies, you should look into ASUS PB258Q. This monitor has a superior IPS panel as comparison to the Acer H257HU smidpx. It covers 100% of sRGB making it useful even for professionals. It has all the eye care technologies. On top of that, it has VESA mounting option as well as a stand that is fully adjustable meaning you can swivel, tilt, rotate and elevate it. It has the same number and types of ports. Yet, it is about $50 cheaper.

You can check out many other great monitors on the homepage.

The Cons

The biggest issue with this monitor is its price. Now at the time of writing this review, this monitor costs above three hundred bucks a bit. I would not recommend investing so much on this monitor as there are cheaper and better options available. If this monitor sees a good discount in the future, which I believe it most certainly would, then yes I could recommend. But not at this stage.

Another important thing this rather expensive monitor is missing is a VESA mount. Not only does this monitor not have the holes for a separate stand, its native stand does not offer full ergonomics features either.

I don’t see any reason why you would pay so much more just for the design aesthetics. In the end the decision is yours.

Acer H257HU smidpx Review Conclusion

Acer H257HU smidpx seems to be on the right track at first. It has all the features that any enthusiasts would want. It has a classy design, an ultra thin bezel, a beautiful sturdy stand, great connectivity options, good response time, some other great features such as speakers and eye care technologies. Unfortunately, it derails on the last minute when you look at the price. With the competition that Acer H257HU smidpx has from outside as well as from within, the price of this monitor is not justified.