Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac Review – The ‘Gun’ Style Sealer

Today we’re looking at a slightly different design of Vacuum Sealer. The ‘Pistol Vac’ is being reviewed. No prizes for guessing why it has been given this name. Most of the products it is competing with are horizontal in design and some of them can be hard to move around, this is more of a portable model designed for both kitchen use and ‘out and about’ use.

Whenever you want to select kitchen appliances of this type, there are two essential things you must consider. The dimensions and portability. Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac is a good option if you like vacuum sealer that is stylish, fashionable and ergonomically designed for ease of use. We go into more detail below, but for those in a hurry, the key points are that this is a wonderful choice for those using it at home or on the go and stays effective whilst being one of the most handy and simple models on the market.

This product is well known due to its versatility and high quality. It contains NiMH battery and is totally wireless, no annoying chords to keep you shackled to one place, you can take it wherever. It can be used in a commercial kitchen or in your own home as well as out and about, which makes it a great choice for people such as hunters or campers who often need to seal stuff outside of the kitchen, making storage for cooking around the campfire even easier. It has an amazing vacuum-sealing power, and is a high performer as shown by the immense reviews. Chances are, you will never experience any problem using this innovative appliance.


Waring Pro‘s venture into portable sealers, the PVS1000 Pistol Vac comes with a lot of features. It has a compact design, is super easy to handle, and is full of user-friendly features. Thus, you can use it without any stress. It is light in weight, and the ideal for professionals in various industries including the hospitality industry or just for reducing waste in the kitchen, something we can all find a lot of use in.

It is designed in such a way that anyone can easily pick it up and use it, whether the user is a professional or not. It actually feels a bit more like a power tool which comes with a well designed trigger, ergonomic handle and a charging stand. Where most of the competitors look like a laminator for instance, this has a totally different feel which can be appealing.

Cleaning can be easier than with the other style of sealer too. During the cleaning process, you will be required to remove the suction cup and the nozzle due to its structural design.  Before you apply the soapy water, try to disassemble the cleaner. While cleaning the base of the vacuum sealer, you will be required to use a soft cloth. Use the right detergent and obey the cleaning instructions meticulously. Its overall performance will depend on how you maintain the vacuum sealer.


  • Simple to operate
  • It comes with reusable 24 bags so you don’t have to buy any 
  • Considerably small in size. Thus, it is portable especially when you are comparing it with other products
  • The bags which work with it are really easy to find and can be purchased on Amazon.
  • Users get a 5 year warranty, if nothing else showing the manufacturers’ faith in the product
  • It doesn’t occupy much space in your kitchen or wherever you choose to store it
  • You can successfully use it to seal up 30 or more bags at a time with no issues at all.
  • Members


The battery cannot be removed- this makes it difficult if there are technical issues, but other than that it is really hard to find cons with this product. At the time of me writing this the vast majority of users have given this a rating of 5 stars on amazon and reviewed it excellently all over the internet.

Not really a con, but for commercial use there are probably better options, it is designed mainly for domestic uses or for portable uses such as taking it out on trips.


Simplicity and portability are its main selling points. To enjoy it, you don’t have to be the most tech-savvy, think of it this way – you could give it to your elderly relatives and they’d probably have no problem using it. It can be used by anyone. If you are searching for high quality appliances, then this is the best option. Its price is moderate.

It is well built, small and could be your best choice. The bags are reusable, heavy duty and dishwater safe. Although, the battery may be charged, but you are expected to charge it at least for 12 hours before using it for the first time.

Users have had success sealing everything from soup to bread to important documents, so it isn’t just for meat either and the uses of a vacuum sealer are varied.