ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD Review

ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD Review

Display: 27″, PLS Panel, 2560xx1440, 5ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: Stereo Speakers, VESA (100mm)
Ports: HDMI, DP. mDP,
Price Scale: 4/10
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars


ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD is a new entry into the WQHD monitor’s market. It has super sleek and slender design with a very thin bezel. It offers a superior PLS panel a long with a good range of connectivity. But, can it beat the competition from other major brands like ASUS, or Acer?

This isn’t ViewSonic’s first WQHD monitor. They have been at it since a very long time. They were in fact one of the first to make WQHD available on their professional monitors. This is also a professional monitor if you take its specs into consideration; however, this is also a monitor that you can put in your living room or on your office desk. It has pleasant looks. Combining it with a two or three such monitors can potentially give you one of the best display thanks to its thin bezel.

This monitor is different from another set of VX series monitors. For example, ViewSonic VX2776-SMHD, is also a latest monitor from ViewSonic that offers exquisite looks, thin bezel and a good connectivity; however, it lacks the color depth and only offers FHD resolution. ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD follows in on the same principle but offers much more. As a result, it is also a bit expensive.


Design and Features

ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD Review

For starters, this is a very beautiful looking monitor. It offers an edge to edge display. The screen isn’t entirely frameless, but it does offer a very slim bezel that you would enjoy with a multiple monitors. Although, you should note that having a multiple display with this monitor could turn out to be quite costly.

This monitor offers PLS panel, which is very similar to IPS panel in terms of functionality. It is Samsung’s proprietary technology that competes with the IPS technology. Like the IPS panel technology, PLS offers wide viewing angles and amazing color depths. The panel on this monitor is 8 bit which covers the color gamut of 100% sRGB (16.m colors).

With colors like these, you can easily use this for professional tasks such as designing or editing. Graphic designers and photographers would profoundly enjoy this monitor.

This monitor; however, isn’t just built for professionals. The looks of this monitor make it suitable for all kinds of environments and it specs are good enough to be used as a gaming monitor. Even though it does not have high refresh rates, it can still perform as a great gaming monitor with beautiful color rendering.

Unlike a conventional FHD monitor, this monitor offers 2560×1440 resolution. The higher the resolution, the more real estate you have to work on. Again, this is something that professionals would really enjoy and find useful. Likewise, hardcore gamers would also enjoy the larger resolution. Just make sure that the gaming PC that you have can support such high resolutions on a respectable frame rate.

Furthermore, ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD offers 5 ms response time. For a PLS panel, this is among the fastest that you can get. Note that this not just any PLS panel, it is among the high end ones that can render superior colors.

This monitor also comes with VESA mounting holes (100 mm x 100 mm). This will come in handy if you are looking to install this monitor on a dedicated fully adjustable monitor stand. The native stand of this monitor only offers tilt, which would be quite lacking to some. With a dedicated stand you have a full array of adjustability including height adjustment, rotate and swivel.

Moreover, this monitor also offers 2 x 2W stereo speakers. These speakers aren’t much, but they can come in quite handy in certain situations where you don’t have speakers or earphones lying around.


ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD Review

ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD has a pretty decent set of ports and connectivity options. This monitor offers an HDMI port, Display Port and a mini Display Port. All of these can support WQHD resolution. These ports are good enough for interfacing with most of the devices nowadays.

The monitors also comes with an audio out jack. This adds to the convenience of using this monitor.


This is what it all boils down. Now this monitor is certainly not as cheap as FHD monitors. This monitor can cost you about four hundred dollars. The real question is: how does it fair with the competition?

Well the only true competition this monitor has in terms of looks and features is the ASUS MX27AQ. The ASUS monitor costs a bit more but has 3 x HDMI ports. However, it lacks a mini Display Port.

Another monitor that is significantly cheaper but has almost the same specs is the Acer K272HUL. If you can go past the looks, this is one of the best options for a 27 inch WQHD monitors.

The Cons

There aren’t whole lot of cons to this monitor. This monitor has all the necessary features to make it one of the best 27 inch monitor with WQHD resolution. As you read in this ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD review, this monitor has the right hardware, features, ports and the price point.

The only relative drawback of this monitor is that it does not have a fully adjustable stand. Furthermore, it lacks a USB hub which all professionals deem necessary.

ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD Review Conclusion

ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD is a great monitor in terms of hardware and price point. You can use this monitor for all sorts of work ranging from professional to gaming.

This monitor isn’t intended for normal home use. If you only perform word processing or internet surfing, then this isn’t the right monitor for you as you will be wasting money.

If you are an enthusiast or a professional, you will really enjoy what this monitor has to offer.