ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED Review

ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED Review

Display: 22″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 7 ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: Frameless Design
Ports: 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x Display Port
Price Scale: 1/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


This ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED review talks about one of the latest thin bezel monitor that has been made available in the market. It hails from the beautiful VX lines of monitor from ViewSonic. This monitor come in two other models: 23 inch and 27 inches. This particular model is a 22 inch display.

ViewSonic is a very respectable brand and there is not doubt in that. They were the pioneers in LCD monitors and have stayed that way for far too long. There monitors are generally high quality and offer far more than the market standard in a certain price category.

ViewSonic monitors are versatile thanks to their connectivity options and have great visuals. One of their biggest selling point is their 3 year limited warranty. Where most brands only manage to give 1 year limited warranty for their monitors, ViewSonic promises such high quality that they can provide 3 year warranty for their trusted products.


Design and Features

ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED Review

One of the most beautiful 22 inch monitors in the market. ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED sets a new standard for monitors of this size. Usually for monitor of this size, not a lot of attention is paid to design and form factor. They are not as mainstream or highly demanded as 24 or 23 inch monitors.

This monitor; however, challenges that norm. ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED is a 22 inch monitor that has same exquisite looks as well as all the features that you can expect in larger monitors.

This monitor offers FHD resolution along with IPS panel and 7 ms response time. One of the most intriguing feature of this monitor is how thin it is. The size of this monitor makes it possible to be used for multiple monitor display setup without any issue.

They say a clean workplace is a productive workplace . A workplace that looks beautiful would make you want to use it. You will feel organized and more lively on a workplace that looks easier on eyes. Well, this monitor can definitely help you with that. It is small so it won’t occupy much space, in addition to that it not only has great visual quality, it has a frame that has exquisite aesthetics.

ViewSonic calls this monitor a frameless monitor. Although that isn’t entirely true as their always a small frame, the edge to edge display does give that feeling to it.

Unfortunately, like its 23 inch and 27 inch counterpart, this monitor does not include VESA mounting holes. So you cannot hook it up on the wall mounts or on arm mounts easily. You will have to make some DIY contraption to make mounting happen. But, why would you want to remove the display from its beautiful sleek looking stand anyways?

Although the IPS panel on this monitor delivers superior colors, this monitor isn’t meant for professional work. If you are seeking to perform professional designing work or if you are going to perform hardcore gaming, then this isn’t the monitor for you. This monitor does not cover 99% of sRGB color gamut nor does it have the response time that hardcore gamers would find satisfactory. Plus, this is a 22 inch monitor, this is not a recommended size for gaming anways.


One of the areas where this monitor excels is in connectivity options. With a VGA, HDMI and a DisplayPort, this is one of the most versatile 22 inch monitor in the market. It is also future proof and compatible with older devices.

The DisplayPort and HDMI can be used to interface with all kind of digital devices where as the VGA port can be used to connect to PCs.


Is this monitor worth your money? In reality, this monitor is more expensive than an average 22 inch monitor. An average 22 inch monitor costs around $109. This monitor costs significantly more.

There are good reasons though. Firstly, this monitor is much better looking compared to cheaper 22 inch monitors out there in the market. Secondly, it has a huge variety of connectivity options. Something that most 22 inch monitor lack is a DisplayPort. This monitor even includes that.

Furthermore, it even features speakers making it suitable for small office environment be it at home or outside.

With that said, there are few other great options that you can have a look at: HP Pavilion 21.5 and AOC I2267FW.

ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED Review Conclusion

In this ViewSonic VX2276SMHD-LED review we had a look at an awesome 22 inch monitor that has just entered the market. It is more expensive than most 22 inch monitors, but it has a lot more to offer.

It looks good, feels clean, has great colors and superior connectivity options than most 22 inch monitors. All these combined makes this monitor a good bargain.