Uses for a Vacuum Sealer Besides Food – Non Food Storage Guide

Vacuum sealers are, of course, most famous for being an amazing way to seal food items, regular readers of our blog will hopefully have found many ways to preserve all sorts of foods and even save money on the grocery bills by sealing and saving long foods for the long term. They can also be a really effective cooking aid and help with cooking in the Sous Vide style and also for marinating food as by sucking the air out they can get your spices and oils straight into the meat or other foods that you’re trying to infuse with flavor. This article though is about the other uses of a vacuum sealer besides the traditional food uses.

We also come across a lot of questions such as ‘can I use my vacuum sealer for ammunition?’ or ‘is it safe to put documents in a vacuum seal?’ and hopefully we’ve answered some of these questions below.

  • Storing important documents – a great way to store important documents in a waterproof manor is to vacuum seal them inside of a bag, this can be amazing if you’re going on your travels or just want something to stay safe, and is especially useful if you live in a flood prone area for instance.
  • Storing jewelry or precious metals – if you have silver or other metals which you’re looking to preserve, sucking the air out can be the best way to avoid them tarnishing or getting damaged over time.
  • Storing bottles of liquid in preparation for travel, so that if the worst happens and they leak, the leak will stay confined within the seal and not get on your clothes or important items you’re taking on your travels with you.
  • If you’re going fishing or camping, having a vacuum sealer is one of your best assets! Anywhere things are liable to get wet, you can store anything from electronics you don’t want to get damaged to essential items you’ll need while camping such as matches, to stop them getting wet (and not being a whole lot of use).
  • In terms of storage in the house, you can vacuum seal things as a space saving method too, items such as clothing will shrink down with the air sucked out of them and can fit in a smaller space.
  • Likewise, you can also vacuum seal an emergency change of clothes for the kids if you’re going out somewhere they can get wet and muddy.
  • Herbs and tobacco can also be saved, and the less air in with them the better, these can last a long time if stored in this method.
  • Photographs – treasured family photos from years gone by need as much protection from any damaging liquids or just decaying over time, vacuum sealing can provide this.
  • Ammunition. Lots of people have taken advantage of having a sealer to store their ammunition for going on a hunting trip or elsewhere.
  • Water! No, not for drinking, but if you seal up some water and put it in the freezer it acts as an ice pack, and you can even refreeze it when it is used and thaws out.

Undeniably, the food uses for both at home and traveling are undeniable, but there are uses beyond what the obvious might be for storage, safety, travel and much more.

Do you have any creative uses for your vacuum sealer? Any uses we’ve left out. Share your own tips in the comments below.