Toguard 7 Review

Toguard 7 Review
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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Toguard 7 is a 7 inches portable monitor, which is not USB-powered. It belongs to a segment of small portable monitors which the main purpose is to be an extra option for CCTV, DSLR, in-car screen monitor, etc.

Toguard produces different devices for drivers including dash cams, smart mirrors, so it’s not a surprise that they keep in mind driver needs while they designed this monitor. Let’s take a closer look and decide whether it’s good and if it can be used by someone else than a driver.

Power supply for this type of monitor isn’t a USB port but a normal DC 5V.

Specification and Features

Panel Size 7” Panel Type TFT
Resolution 1024*600 Pixel Pitch n/a
Brightness 300 cd/㎡ Refresh rate 60Hz
Contrast ratio 500:1 Response time 12ms

Given the power source it would be safe to say that this monitor would be used only under the roof, hence its 300 cd/㎡ is quite enough. Response time is too big for gaming purposes but we guess it wouldn’t be an issue here.

Design and Ergonomics

We are not sure that the word “design” is suited for describing Toguard 7 outlook. As basic as any other portable monitor can be it nonetheless delivers what it should: there won’t be any problem with setting up Toguard 7. All ports are conveniently located on the back side of the monitor, while all buttons are on the front side, bottom bezel.

The main design feature is a stand. It can be fixed on different surfaces either with screws or base sticker, and after being fixed you can rotate the monitor in two axes which lets you to finally prop it in a required position.

Performance and Set-up

Although it’s a very cheap model, even among its class, Toguard 7 performs fairly well. The image has a good color depth and it can be viewed even under acute angles without a significant drop in quality.

Toguard 7 can be used with a various number of devices, including Raspberry Pi and Mac Os, but its main purpose is to be an extra monitor for an inspection tool, CCTV and various types of camera. With all of them, it connects very easily and smoothly.

The other good point about Toguard 7 is that despite being a genuine portable monitor, sometimes its best use is a temporary substitution for a small video panel. That’s where Toguard 7 ability to be fixed to any type of surfaces (you can mount it on the wall) comes handy.

Toguard 7 Review Verdict

Toguard 7
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Toguard 7 is a cheap portable monitor which can be used either as an external monitor for various type of devices or as a backup option for a video panel. For both cases it doesn’t require extraordinary image quality and the main characteristics become price/quality ratio and reliability, both are good, so this monitor deserves 4.5 out of 5 in its category.