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Sennheiser Pmx 686 Headphones Review – Who Should Buy It?

The Sennheiser pmx 686i is mid-range earphone that is specifically tailored towards athletes and active sport enthusiasts. The company’s effort to team-up with Adidas may prove an added attraction for gym-goers. After reviewing the model, we think that the earphone offers a good sound quality, particularly for music listeners looking for something in the price range of under hundreds of dollars. On the downside, the headphone design has limitations as it does not fit well for everyone.

Design of PMX 686i and Sennheiser 686G Models

Opening the box reveals a subtle, thin and trendy looking bright neon green headset, with ingrained Adidas logo. The 1.2 meter cable length is suitable for most as it allows users to tuck in the headphones under their shirts. The cable also features the stand-alone control consisting of three buttons.

Perhaps, the location of the controls could have been further down allowing users to retain control of the buttons during workouts. Besides, its presence close to the ears makes it inconvenient to change settings. It means that users may struggle to take control during running and jogging. The complexity increases further as a single button in the headphone accounts for multiple settings.

Not everyone may feel that the location of the switch control is a problem, they will need to readjust the headband and earphones, frequently. Regarding the headband, it is provided as an extra support to sustain high-intensity workout. Still, the extra support will do little to help as numerous tests found that the earpiece are frequently dislodged during intense exercise regimen.

Overall, it seems that the old-school plastic earbuds are not be a universal fit. For buyers, it also means that Sennheiser pmx 686i are mostly practical for low-intensity runs for jogging and exercise. However, when wearing in high-intensity situations, it is more practical to try it before spending those $100.

Voice Quality

If you are not going to do intense exercise or feel that it will be an acceptable fit for your head size, good sound performance at this price is a hefty bonus. Regarding sound, numerous tests reveal that the headset smoothly filters out high volume noise from trains, traffic and television. In fact, there are no visible degradation or distortion when sound is raised from low to high.

Still, it does not mean that the headphone are able to cancel noise like their pricier counterparts. There will be some noise in and out of the microphone, depending on the volume and the environment. It should also be noted that people who are accustomed to very high levels of sound quality may be distracted because the sound levels does not match the pricier counterparts. Still, this is some of the best sound quality that you can get for the price.

Value-Added Features

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Another feature that makes these earphone stand out from the crowd is sweat-free coating. According to the company, these earphones are specifically designed to cater to excessive sweating resulting from hard exercise. It seems that the company is very confident of their claims as the accompanied literature suggests users to wash the earphones under tap water to remove sweat particles. Perhaps, the plastic design of the headsets was introduced to make it easier to apply sweat-proof and water-proof coatings.

Some users have complained that the anti-bacterial coating is visible after some months of extensive workout. Although online reviews of such complaints are rare, thankfully the company also offers 2-years of warranty to deal with any issues. For most users, Sennheiser approved service centers are mostly available everywhere in and North America and Europe, which should help take care of the issue.

Final Verdict After Sennheiser Pmx 686i Review

Overall, the two models, Sennheiser 686G and Sennheiser 686i offer a descent quality headphone choice that can be used during workouts. Not as good as the similar styled Plantronic backbeat fit, as these model specifications fall short of the perfect design. As a result, users may find it difficult to keep the earbuds in place during intense workout sessions. Also, prolonged use of the earphones may induce uneasiness and discomfort. Still, the voice quality is good enough to warrant its use because additional features such as anti-bacterial sweat-proof coating and resistance of the plastic cable to water makes it a viable alternative to various pricier models.

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