Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 Review

Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones

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I am an avid exerciser and have bought countless headphones that are supposedly designed to wear while exercising. Some have lived up to this promise more than others and I’m happy to say that the Philips SHQ5200 headphones are great for workouts.

I usually opt for earbud headphones, as I’ve always had a problem with over ear headphones slipping or just getting in the way when I’m at the gym. I’ve been using the Phillips Actionfit headphones for a couple of weeks now and I’ve not had a problem with slipping at all and they’re definitely some of the more comfortable over the ear phones I’ve ever used.

I exercise quite vigorously and almost immediately start sweating profusely! But found the silicone grip lining really helps disperse the sweat along with keeping them stay locked onto my head.. I have also used them at the gym on every machine you could imagine and whilst not as good at keeping out of the way as earbuds, I didn’t find these as annoying as most other over the ear phones I’ve used at the gym.

Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 headphones box

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The Philips SHQ5200 are super light and comfortable and apparently mould to your ear. I normally find over the ear headphones very constricting, which is why I usually opt for earbuds when exercising.  The ear pads are also removeable and washable which is a very welcomed feature, as these can get quite nasty after several heavy gym workouts. Being able to throw them in the washing machine is a simple affair and keeps them sanitary and odor free. I’ve only put them in the washer twice since I’ve had them, so not a great test – but so far they hold up superbly well.

Another problem I usually find with over ear phones, is that my ears tend to get really hot underneath, but on these Philips headphones, the fabric that the pads are made of is also breathable and go a long way to keeping my ears cool.

A Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 Review would not be complete without mentioning the incredible sound quality. Very clear sound quality with excellent precise bass for the price. The ear pieces do a terrific job at buffering out most external noise and keeping your ears encapsulated.

What more can I say? They look great too! Love the orange and black. The ear pieces are quite small, so don’t look too big and bulbous on your head. So, in closing – I have to say that the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 are the best over ear headphones for workouts. Lightweight, great sound quality, washable pads, they stay on your ears well and really do a splendid job at keeping background noise to a minimum.

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