Oliso PRO Smart Vacuum Sealer Review

There is no denying the fact that if we put food in a vacuum sealed pack, it lasts longer, its taste remains for much longer and a good sealer can even save us money. That is the reason why owning a vacuum sealer is becoming more popular day-by-day. There are many vacuum sealers in the market. The price, quality etc of course differ from one product to another which is why we set out to review them. In this article, we will talk about Oliso PRO Smart Vacuum Sealer, which is another relatively new and smart company to start offering products in this business. This blog should also be titled as an Oliso review as the product also goes by this name.

The Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer is an awesome product for anyone who needs to keep food inside a vacuum pack on a regular basis, this can mean people who run an efficient kitchen, or even need to store food for commercial use in a catering kitchen. It has a dual motor with the ability to handle different variations of food as well. In addition, it contains Freshkeeper technology to keep the freshness and flavor of your favorite food. As a result, you will not even realize whether you are eating something freshly cooked or something from yesterday. Most of us do not like it when the taste changes dramatically overnight after putting a particular food item inside the refrigerator, and of course the hygiene and health benefits of keeping food from going off are clear.

The sealer has a port for a flexi tube which makes it even more versatile and means you can seal more hard-to-reach items and those which are all different shapes and sizes. On top of this, it claims to be the easiest sealer on the market to use and has a one touch function meaning it lives up to the claims. Liquid detection means that this product also reacts to the consistency of the food and liquid which is put in it, another exceptional feature which shows how much detail the manufacturer has gone into.

Another unique thing is you do not have to cut and make bags here. It has the special zip bags which can (depending on what you’re using them for) be reused. You do not need to buy bags every week or every month. But it is obviously true that you need to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness to keep food safe, just like using the utensils in your kitchen.

The operation is quite simple. At first, the sealing mechanism gets rid of the air inside and then starts sealing around. After that, it goes a bit slower in pulling out air and starts sealing surrounding the incision. However, the space is relatively modest and you will not pack huge amounts of foods in each bag. Therefore, you need to closely monitor the process so that if anything goes wrong during the process, you can start all over again. It being a relatively gentle sealer isn’t a bad thing as it can mean delicate foods and portions don’t get spoiled or misshapen due to the sealer.

This smart vacuum sealer has everything you look for in a modern vacuum sealing product. I have already mentioned about the simplicity of its operation and quality of the result. You also won’t need to spend money regularly replacing the bags which is a big benefit, and as described in other articles here on the site, it can even save money as it saves food and allows you to buy in bulk. Furthermore, I can add about its compact and smart size as well making it relatively portable and easy to use! The size makes you handle everything pretty well. The product also won the Madrid Fusion Award, a reputed culinary award, back in January 2011, showing how well thought of this is by the professionals.

Just like other products, you need to buy it from any authentic and licensed store and the recommended retailers. If you buy online from retailers or the product’s website, you may get free shipment as well.

Sealing and vacuuming food have been recommended for a while now. Now this task has become one of the enjoyable ones in your kitchen, and certainly much simpler. Freeing you up while this vacuum sealer does the hard work. We review many vacuum sealers on our site, but this is right up there with the best, and though it isn’t the absolute cheapest, it does provide a huge amount of good features and reliability.