Nesco VS-02 Vacuum Sealer Review and Usage Guide

Nesco have become a massive brand in the world of kitchen appliances and as vacuum sealers have become more and more popular they have brought their Nesco VS-02 model to consumers looking for a food storage solution. This product is fully automatic. With just a simple touch of button, it can vacuum seal your food items both small and large quantities of food.

If you want to operate this vacuum sealer, all you need to do is just to open it, put the bag in the vacuum chamber, close the lid, and press on both sizes. It will close securely and you’re good to go. It couldn’t be much simpler in terms of how to use it and one of the key plus points of this sealer is its simplicity.

For those of us just looking for a short review or in a hurry, the key points to take away are that this is one of the top sealers out there with a huge amount of five star reviews on amazon and elsewhere on the internet as consumers rave about the product. Nesco have excelled again.

Let us talk about some of the features that have made this one of the highest selling vacuum sealers available today:


  • A seal-only switch and piston pump to prevent squashing or ruining foods
  • It shuts off automatically when the sealing process is done
  • Can also be used to reseal products such as potato chips once they’ve been opened
  • It comes with a bag cutter and storage compartment
  • It enables you to handle messy foods
  • Can be set to a longer seal time and more delicate seal for more delicate foods
  • It is large and capable of handling big batches of food
  • It has a professional, polished look which looks great in any kitchen

If you are looking for an easy to handle vacuum sealer that will be kept on your kitchen counter, then this could be the best solution. Some online reviewers have maintained that it is the best vacuum sealer they have used since these types of products became available and the immense amount of good reviews you can find with a quick look at Amazon or other retailers tell you just how well respected this product is. Some have even recommended this product to their associates, family and circle of friends.

It is not the most expensive either – the price is moderate, especially when compared with other products in the market which means it offers really exceptional value for money. The instructions are simple, easy to understand and contain only a few pages, so you can actually peruse through it within a few minutes of buying and be ready to get going with vacuum sealing. It is self-explanatory; you read and understand. It is not difficult and more automatic than most vacuum sealers out there.

The video below, provided by the manufacturers, gives a more hands-on way of seeing the product in action.

Whether you want your sealer because you’re going to try Sous Vide cooking, want to store your food longer, want to store your food for longer or want to safely seal up documents (or all of the above) This innovative-looking appliance looks good in the kitchen and does the job with ease.


Nesco VS-02 Vacuum Sealer doesn’t have a great deal in the way of negatives, but it does have the disadvantage of being a little on the big side, it is a bit tough to take out and about with you so isn’t recommended for a portable model, but it is fine if you’re happy to have it stationary in either your home or business kitchen.


This vacuum sealer works well. Great seal, great suction. Good food saver for the price. There are some uploaded videos online that can guide you if you need further assistance. In the event that you need help the Nesco staff are also wonderful.

If you read other reviews at competitor’s sites, you will see that most have found no other option than give this product a 5 star rating at least for the sake of the bag slicer and storage for the roll. Definitely comes with our ‘seal’ of approval.