Miken Softball Bats

As all athletes know, finding the right kind of equipment means a lot for boosting performance. If you are looking for the top of the line softball bats soft pitch in the market today, then you should by all means read on. I will talk about the features of a Miken and the advantages of owning a Miken slowpitch bat as well.

Choosing Miken was a wise thing to do. This company was just recently formed in 1998 and has been producing top of the line softball bats slow pitch bats ever since. Miken has gained popularity due to their unique features that is possesses. The Miken softball bats slow pitch have a thin handle that provides the player with a better grip of the bat without adding too much tape on it. Aside from that, these bats have the largest sweet spots that you can’t really find in any other product today. Aside from its flexible and lengthy barrel, the Miken promises to be durable so that you can use it as many times you like, as hard as you like.

You always want a design that helps you put some extra power into it. Because of its smart design, you can bank on the Miken to provide you with the extra power punch that you have been looking for without compromising the control and the quality of the shot. The coating is primarily responsible for the Miken’s control.

Choosing the right bat matters a whole lot of picky players. Especially when you want to leave an impression for other coaches, you need the right kind of equipment. Make smart choices when it comes to the quality and brand of your bat. Pick smart and you will be sending softballs out of the park in no time!

The slowpitch softball bats from Miken are pushing the limits of technology and are quickly establishing a reputation as the company with the must have softball bat! One line of bats that they offer is know as the “FREAK”. It utilizes all the latest materials and technologies, including an extended sweet spot to increase the chances of the ball screaming off the bat and over the fence! They also have a thinner handle on the bat for more control!

Miken has a great philosophy when it comes to producing equipment. As noted on their website the words they live by each and every day are “Elite equipment for the Elite Player”. What this boils down to is that any athlete should feel confident that they are receiving innovative and performance enhancing equipment when purchasing Miken equipment. Miken’s Fastpitch bats are no different and follow along with the high quality component that Miken strives for in their products. Click on the links below to choose the size that is right for you!

Miken Fastpitch Bats

Right now, this website only features the Miken Freak FX fastpitch bat. The Freak FX is a very popular bat amongst players as it features one of the largest sweetspot surfaces in the market. With a balanced swing where energy is transferred directly to the barrel, the Freak FX will surely help increase your hitting distances and power. Each bat is analyzed and tested throughout the production life cycle so that you end up with a product that you can count on. Miken even stands behind their products by offering a warranty on all bat purchases.

Pricing of Miken Fastpitch Softball Bats

Both the Miken Freak FX and Freak FX Lite fastpitch bats are priced at nearly three hundred bucks. These prices are comparable to the top-level bats offered by other companies like Easton, and DeMarini.

Miken Fastpitch Bats Reviews

If you’ve ever used any of the Miken bats found on this website, please leave a comment below outlining any positive or negative aspects you noticed. Many people can be on the fence when making a bat purchase, so any feedback is extremely helpful for others.