Karcher K 2.300 Review

The Karcher K 2.300 Electric Pressure Washer is the perfect at home pressure washer to be used for cleaning surfaces of all kinds. We tested it on concrete, wood, plastic, metal and glass and this simple little machine outperformed many of its rivals every time. It cleaned things beautifully and we found that it was a great piece of equipment to have as part of our arsenal.

Karcher K 2.300 1600 PSI

The simple design of the Karcher K 2.300 makes it one of the best selling pressure washers of all time. Because everything is so straightforward and it only takes a second to get set up, this machine is the perfect companion for any jobs that you might find around the home. It s one of the quieter machines in its class and this alone makes it stand out miles above the rest.

Features and Specifications

The K 2.300 Pressure Washer features:

  • The Karcher promise: cleaner, quicker
  • Best in class cleaning performance
  • Bonus $30 Dirt Blaster spray wand boosts cleaning power
  • Quickly switch from detergent to high pressure spray with the included Vario power wand
  • Karcher nozzle technology proven to deliver the quickest, most thorough cleaning

At around one hundred bucks this is one of the best value products on the market. We know that most people don’t want to or can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a pressure washer that may only get used once or twice a month and most people simply don’t have the need for a pressure washer that can strip dried clumps of concrete, they just need something that will clean the car properly and that will remove the layers of mud that get caked up the walls when the kids play soccer outside. For those simple homely jobs, the Karcher K 2.300 is perfect.

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The K 2.300 Pressure Washer will let you put down those old rags, buckets and sponges when it comes to cleaning around your house and home. Because of the simple to use design of this machine you will be able to save over 50% of your time compared to conventional cleaning methods and you’ll be up and running ready to clean in seconds, without getting your hands dirty. Your hard working hands and legs can have a rest; just let the K 2.300 do all the work for you. Just point in the right direction and squeeze the trigger.

Karcher K 2.300 Review


  • Incredibly cheap and user friendly.
  • High quality plastic design means durable and safe without the heavy weight feel.
  • 2 wheel base allows for easy transportation.
  • One of the more quit electric motors compared to other brands.
  • Comfortable grip handle on the gun/wand means you can get the job without strain.
  • 1600 psi is the perfect pressure for round the home jobs, allows no fear of stripping off the paint from the car like more powerful pressure washers.


  • Ensure the water is running properly from the water source that you are using BEFORE you turn this pressure washer on. If there is no running water you will damage the pump and this will lead to lesser shelf life.
  • This pressure washer is designed for at home use so if you need something more powerful for heavy duty jobs you should seek around for a more powerful model, however the K 2.300 T50 is perfectly suited to standard cleaning jobs around the home that only require less power and less water consumption.


We rate the Karcher K 2.300 1600PSI 1.25GPM 4.3 out of 5. This is the cheapest pressure washer we have reviewed but it is also one of the best value for money. As we mentioned earlier this machine is not suited to powerful performance on industrial sites or construction jobs but for those simple clean around the home jobs like washing the car, motorbike or boat, or cleaning the patio and garden tiles, the Karcher K-2.300 is perfect.

Our Overall Rating: 4.3/5

The Karcher K 2.300 Pressure Washer really is a fantastic tool for around the home use. This machine is one of the best selling pressure washers of all time for a reason and we believe that reason is that this is a very simply designed machine that allows anyone to use it with ease. It’s the perfect device for at home use and it will allow you to regularly clean around your home and house with ease and efficiency. We rate it 4.3 out of 5 because it a great tool for standard cleaning jobs and we think that its affordability puts it right at the top of its class.