Jaybird X2 Sport Review

Jaybird X2 sport headphones

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Whether you are hitting the pavement for a run or just working out at the gym, you will need a pair of appropriate workout earphones that don’t get in the way. When we first heard about wireless earbuds, we thought our prayers had been answered, but were sadly let down by the precursor models by their poor connectivity and lack of clarity and bass. Over the years, this technology has been steadily getting better and now, we have a few examples to recommend that are truely great headphones in their own right…wireless or not.

An important aspect of fitness earphones, one that you must consider when shopping, is that they need to be sweat resistant and able to stick to the ears despite the movements and excess moisture. The Jaybird X2 headphones not only have these qualities, but as they are also cordless and very lightweight compared to some of the other bluetooth headphones out there – The X2’s come top of the class in this department as put simply, no other headphone comes close to providing the mobility while working out at the gym that these do. We were able to ascertain this after simply removing them from the box, but I think this Jaybird X2 Wireless SPORTS Earbuds review will blow you away, as it’s not just great movement that these offer. Every inch of their design is pure perfection.


Jaybird are renowned for making some of the most popular sports-oriented Bluetooth ear buds. The Jaybird X2 earbuds are not just a typical type of earphones; they are a product of an effort by the manufacturer to deliver high quality and exceptional listening experience to the users. As compared to their predecessor, the BlueBuds X, the X2 earphones feature improved sweat resistance, improved battery life, a better mantle finish and a better carrying case.

The charging port of the earbuds, a micro USB port, is well concealed by a cap on the rear side of the right ear bud. The in-line remote for the Jaybird X2 headphones is located right above the charging port. The remote consists of three buttons, which may be used to select music and control the volume. These buttons may also be used to receive calls through the earbuds. Some of the features that make these earbuds unique include:

• A 5 percent harmonic distortion
• 6mm drives with an output of 12mW RMS and a frequency response of 20-20000Hz.
• Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
• 100 mAh Lithium Polymer battery, capable of supporting 8 hours of play time.
• An impressive choice of colors
• Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows compatibility
• The earbuds can pair with up to 8 devices
• Outstanding noise isolation
• Cord management clips


Jaybird X2 headphones packaging

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Inside their packaging, the ear buds are contained in a tray. The tray holds three sets of the earbuds, featuring smart and impressive color combinations. The three ear tips are made of silicon or foam. The packaging also includes a carrying case that is designed to offer additional protection to the ear tips, when they are stuffed up in a workout bag. The earphones also come with three sets of ear fins — add-ons designed to hold the ear buds in place while working out, cord clips and a micro USB cable for charging the earbuds.

Sound Quality

The X2 earbuds are some of the best sounding earphones ever produced by the Jaybird manufacturer. Basically, the sound is well-balanced and delivers a decent bass performance as well as outstanding clarity. Jaybird X2 earbuds are specifically designed to deliver a bass-heavy listening experience to their users. Regardless of the genre of music you are listening to, the earphones will definitely deliver a desirable sound quality. Additionally, the ear buds make the vocals of any track stand out. Being a sound-isolating type of earbuds, the X2 creates a tight seal around your ears. This tight seal blocks out any sound from outside sources and enhances the quality of sound delivered by the ear buds.

Considering the array of features offered by these ear buds, they probably are some of the best priced wireless earbuds in the market today. If you are looking for tight fitting earphones with impressive sound quality, the X2 earbuds are the fitness earphones to go for. The improved battery life offered by the earbuds is also a marvel among the sports in-ear fitness earphone enthusiasts. With a choice of form or silicon ear tips, the earbuds allow the user to opt for whichever he or she finds comfortable. The ear fin add-ons may take you a while to get used to, but are very useful accessories; they are flexible and soft, designed to hold on to the ear ridges without causing any discomfort. As you can see in this Jaybird X2 Wireless SPORTS Earbuds review, these earbuds are an essential addition to your workout gear.

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