Jabra Move Wireless headphones review

Jabra move wireless headphones

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This may not be the first review of the Jabra Move bluetooth headphones you’ve come across. They’re winning plaudits all over the web as one of the strongest contenders for the sub price brand bluetooth headphones on the market today, and we have to agree. Whoever said that if you want a high-end headset you need to break the bank hasn’t heard about the Jabra Move wireless headphones. A top model, available online for a pocket-friendly price. So lets jump right into our review of the Jabra move.


Of course, one of the first aspects you’ll notice about this pair of headphones is the design. It’s pretty obvious that they were designed especially for making a bold statement at the park or the gym. With a wide variety of color choices that really stand out. They have a simplistic modern look about them and from a personal point of view, I have to say I absolutely love it. They have a similar look to grado’s at a fraction of the cost.

The mesh fabric covering the headband is dirt and sweat resistant, so you don’t need to worry about them becoming sticky due to your sweating, and they feel breathable and lightweight. One of the problems with wearing over ear headphones for working out, is that they can trap a lot of heat around your head – which is not exactly a pleasant experience. The majority of your heat escapes from your head when excercising – so you don’t want a heavy set pair of earphones covering most of your head, effectively stopping the heat from escaping. The Jabra move allow air to flow around your head very easily with their open design. Coupled with the breathable material mentioned before and you really have to ask if there are any better over ear phones for the gym out there right now.

Moving on with the exterior, we can see even more stainless steel on the sides, as well as a flat cable on each side, going all the way into the earcups, which are coated with a matte plastic for extra stability, sporting the shape of a cone-speaker.

On the bottom of the right earcup, the Jabra Move Wireless headset features a microUSB port, as well as the power/Bluetooth pairing switch, while on the left, there’s the volume rocker and the audio jack. Speaking about the rocker, it’s more complex than you can think, but we’re going to talk about it a bit later.

One thing we don’t really like about these headphones is that unlike other workout over ear headphones we’ve liked, they don’t have the ability to fold. It’s only a minor hindrance though as they’re flexible enough to carry them in any bag. And they’re pretty tough too apparantly, as the manufacturer claims that they have been drop-tested thousands of times from up to 3.2 feet. So, it’s safe to say they’re pretty rugged.


As they’re very lightweight, these Jabra Bluetooth headphones seemed very comfortable. The flex is strong enough to keep them attached to your head, without them getting too snug and pinching which is only benefited by the soft memory foam used on the ear pads.

With a total weight of around 5.5 ounces, even after prolonged use, makes them extremely well suitable for working out for a longer periods.

The thing I really liked about them was the noise cancellation. The headset doesn’t come with active noise-cancellation technology, so not up to the same capabilities as the bose QC’s, but they manage to make you completely forget about the exterior sound when the volume is turned up a little.


Ok, so glowing review so far right? but lets get down to the nitty gritty. No one wants to spend around $100 on a pair of weak tinny headphones.So lets talk about the sound quality.

The headset is relying on 40mm drivers and has a proprietary Digital Signal Processor which definitely helps it stand out of the crowd. It delivers clear and balanced audio, way better than you would ever expect, considering the price tag.

A minor downside for those that like to listen to their headphones at max volume…if you turn them up all the way, the bass might seem overstuffed, something that it’s not that pleasant, but hey, overall, the Jabra headphones sound very good and this is a quality only usually found in much more expensive headphones.

The Jabra Move can be used for calls too. We tested them on a few calls, including a couple overseas and everyone said the sound quality is really crisp, just as we felt listening to them.

jabra move headphones box

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Battery life

The manufacturer claims that the Move Wireless headphones are able to resist for up to 8 hours of play time or approximately 12 days of standby time. And these guys don’t lie! If you use them mostly for listening to music, it can easily reach 8 hours of battery life which for this price bracket – comes out top!

The Bluetooth connectivity works very well, the headset requiring just a few seconds to pair with your devices and it was a fairly effortless procedure unlike a lot of bluetooth devices. I’m never quite sure whether to blame my phone or the device when that happens, but luckily with the jabras, that wasn’t an issue. They have a range of 25 feet before the sound starts to cut out which is a crazily long distance to be away from your phone anyway!


Bottom line, we absolutely love the Jabra Move Wireless headphones. Don’t get fooled by the budget price, as these babies sound amazing, being pretty much the best value for money, no matter if you’re picking them for a retailer, Amazon, eBay, or Best Buy.

For the sub $100 price, you’re getting a very good looking and light pair of headphones, able to deliver high quality audio and a more than decent battery life, of 8 hours. And let’s not forget that if you listen to music while working out, they’re an excellent addition to your gym gear!

P.S.: Make sure you check out the Cobalt version, they look awesome!

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