Ivation Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacuum sealers have many benefits for cooks and for those who need to run kitchens, either commercial or at home. Ivation Vacuum Sealer  is a wonderful tool for enthusiastic cooks, and for those who need to store food on a regular basis. As the name suggests it helps to suck all the air out of the food storage pouch and seals the opening flawlessly. This unit also ensures that there is no moisture that is sticking to the food item and this helps to prevent harmful micro-organisms from sticking to the food. This product comes with a starter kit and can seal twelve inch wide bags. The starter kit consists of the unit, as well as all you need to get going, meaning five quart bags and five gallon bags, and a built-in port for optional accessories. This product helps to retain the freshness of foods better the traditional storage methods. Unwanted freezer burns on vegetables and fruits can also be eliminated by using this product.

This product helps to prevent the loss of moisture, it is very easy to carry so can be moved from kitchen to kitchen, this is a useful feature if you’re running a food truck or portable catering business – it is compact and does not occupy too much space. The operation is one touch and is very simple, completely foolproof and easy to show employees (or just family members) how to use. It comes with moist and dry food settings. It also has a gentle setting to prevent crushing of dry or delicate foods. This product can help to accommodate up to twelve inch wide bags and rolls, which is a considerable size. The airtight seal created by this unit is extremely effective to prevent freezer burn and is good for storing sole portions or fully prepared meals. It is also used for storing solid, liquids or dry foods, and even non-food items like stamps, documents, or photos. When you want to store food items for longer period of time, this product is definitely better than the tupperware, aluminum foils, plastic wraps and even the revolutionary zip lock bags which can only preserve food products for a few days at most. This sealer is extremely easy to use and comes with a detailed instruction manual which makes things very simple for potential users.

I tried to use this product and I started off by plugging it in and selecting the dry or moist option. When you want to seal meat, you can choose the normal option and you can use the Gentle option when you want to seal food that is liable to crumble. I tried to insert the bag with the food item I want to seal, and then closed the unit and hit the vacuum seal. I was very happy that I do not have to waste food now and I seal it nicely so that it won’t get freezer burnt as well. It helps to seal the food in matter of few seconds and lets face it, preserving food is good for the environment, and it even saves money in the long run.

All you need to get to grips with is the knack of getting this product to accomplish what you want. It is important to lock the corners to lock the bag to make sure the vacuum sealing works sufficiently and stores your food safely. This product is definitely a must have for people who like to store food and avoid wastage of food products, and can even be used in the preparation of certain meals.