HP Pavilion 25xw Review | 25″ Slim Bezel Monitor

HP Pavilion 25xw Review

Display: 25″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 7ms Response Time, 60 Hz
Notable Features: Affordable
Ports: VGA, HDMI
Price Scale: 1.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


HP was one of the first brands in the market that realized in the potential of affordable monitor that combine great aesthetics. Their older monitors of Pavilion (25xi) and ENVY series delivered just that. They were not only function but were basically an eye candy. With stunning looks and great visual quality, they were one of the most sought after monitors in the market. Especially by those who actually valued looks.

While most of the most monitor brands out there were busy manufacturing mundane monitor with simple plastic frames and stands, HP took the bold step of venturing into more sophisticated designs. HP Pavilion 25xw is basically the continuation of that same idea. In fact, these monitors have become even bolder in their looks like.

So far this monitor been out there just over a year and has already garnered a massive customer base giving this monitor almost flawless reviews. This HP pavilion monitor is testament to the fact that you do not have to be an Apple owner in order to have a good looking monitor. Usually Apple has the monopoly on looks because the rest of the brands are just too scared to ventured into the unknown with their designs. Not with HP though. In turns out that HP’s bold venture has definitely paid off.

Although the design of the monitor has greatly enhanced, has it really improved much on its predecessor? Read on this HP Pavilion 25xw review to find out.


Design and Features

HP Pavilion 25xw ReviewWhere this monitor really makes a name for itself is in the design department. HP has taken a very step with the way they have design the stand. Nothing like it really exists in the market. It can easily be center of attraction where you place it.

The stand is large enough accommodate you accessories like keys, wallet etc so it is not entirely useless. The only big drawback regarding the design of this monitor is that it does not offer VESA mounts. Meaning, you are really just stuck with the stand that you have. Although to many this would not be a problem. to those who are looking for full adjustability, they would definitely find this monitor lacking. This monitor’s native stand does not offer any kind of ajustability except a slight, which is really a shame.

Plus, those who seek to have a multiple monitor display will have to make do with the native stand on this monitor. Without VESA mounts you would not be able to mount them on a separate stand.

Feature wise this is not really a very feature laden product. Well for the price you can’t really ask for more; however, it does have a comprehensive OSD with several features in the image control section. The only visual technology that it utilizes is the HP Enhance+ which improves the resolution of the images and makes them crisp.

The basic features it boasts is IPS panel, FHD resolution, and 7ms response time. As you can tell from the response time, HP hasn’t really improved much on that since its predecessors. You can find cheaper IPS panels offering better response times these days. Take a look at Acer R240HY bidx this is a cheaper IPS monitor with 4ms response time. This basically tells us that HP Pavilion 25xw is not really designed for Gamers in mind.

Now this is an ultra slim monitor that looks beautiful both from the front and the back. It is ideal for office environments I would say and also for home entertainment. Gaming? Perhaps so. However, if you have very powerful gaming rig, chances are that you would rather want to invest in thin bezel gaming monitor. Although this monitor is bezel-less and can definitely maximize our viewing angles, it is not entirely built for gaming purposes.


HP Pavilion 25xw Review 2The monitor does fairly well in this department. It offers 2 HDMI and 1 VDA ports. I would call this monitor lacking in ports; however, the exclusion of a DVI port would be concerning to some.

Also, this would be too far fetched for a monitor of this price, but a Display Port or a USB hub would have been grand.


HP Pavilion 25xw is quite affordable monitor. For above one hundred bucks a bit, you getting the same looks as some of the super expensive Apple displays. On top of that it offers an IPS panel that hasn’t had much complaint.

IPS panels usually receive complaints if they happen to be off cheap make since they cause backlight bleeding. This monitor hasn’t received any such reviews from its more 1,000 customer reviews.

You should know that the biggest selling point of this monitor is the design. If it is purely features and functionality that you are after at an affordable price, then have a look at this article.

The Cons

As already mentioned in the sections above, this monitor has a few drawbacks. Firstly it does not offer VESA mounts. You will find thin bezel monitors with VESA mounts here.

Also, this monitor basically asks for more just because of its looks. There are more feature laden monitors out there that cost even less. Take Acer R240HY bidx as an example.

HP Pavilion 25xw Review Conclusion

HP Pavilion 25xw is a gorgeous monitor. It is the monitor that you want to behold. It is an eye candy; a pleasure to look. For that reasons alone, this monitor is worth the money. If it is beauty and elegance that you are after, then this monitor is perhaps the one that will satisfy you.

However, the monitor isn’t too great on features. It lacks essential features that makes it not too suitable for enthusiasts. The monitor is most suited for office environments though.