GeChic 1503I Review

GeChic 1503I Review
3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

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Gechic 1503I is touchscreen model of a USB-powered monitor from Gechic. Copying almost all specifications from another premium Gechic portable monitor – 1503H, this model also has a touchscreen, which certainly opens new opportunities and angles of how to use it.

You might find it interesting as a Raspberry PI user of if you want to buy a unique gift for your kids. So far it’s the only product on the market which combines the portability of USB-powered monitor, a promising quality of 16 inches IPS panel and a touchscreen, which enables enormous variants of apps and uses.

Let’s take a look if this mix really creates a new synergy or it’s just a failed attempt at blending incompatible parts.

Specification and Features

Panel Size 15.6” Panel Type IPS
Resolution 1920×1080 Pixel Pitch 0.179 mm
Brightness 250 cd/㎡ Refresh rate 60Hz
Contrast ratio 700:1 Response time 12.5ms

You wouldn’t expect from a portable monitor that costs around $400 anything less than these numbers. GeChic 1503I provides full 1080p HD and has pixel pitch only 0.179. The only sad thing is brightness. Although 250 cd/㎡ is very good for a USB-powered monitor and only a few models on the market can match it, this brightness is not high enough for outdoors using. Given the fact that 1503H has 50 cd/㎡ more in brightness we can presume that this is the price of having a touchscreen.

The touchscreen has the followed specifications:

  • Surface hardness ≧ 7H
  • Input sensitivity: Finger or passive stylus( Diameter of Touch Point ≧ 6.0mm)
  • It allows you to use up to 10-point multi-touch.

And as all GeChic 15xx models this one is made in line with a further set of standards: BSMI, CE, C-Tick, FCC, KC, VCCI, RoHS; has the same power consumption range (less than 8W in normal mode and less than 0.5W in standby) and 3.5mm mini-jack socket, and 2×1.0W(Max.) speakers.

You can find the standard list of accessories for GeChic monitors, although we hoped to find something special since we have a touchscreen.

Design and Ergonomics

GeChic 1503I Review

Gechic 1503I duplicates the design of its brothers and looks nice and simple. It doesn’t have the most stylish outlook, but it’s not that important for a touchable monitor. On the contrary, the thin bezels are now not only a nice, aesthetic but also a very useful design decision. As well as the decision to put all 6 buttons on the left side of the body, it’s very unlikely you’d press them unintentionally with this location.

Obviously, 1503I equipped with a scratchproof and durable touch glass. It will protect the screen from scratches while you are using it as well as the plastic cover will protect it while it’s in your bag. The cover doesn’t protect the back of your monitor, which is really sad because you might leave finger prints and scratches on the back much more often than you could on a standard monitor.

Like any other 15xx model, it has a very flexible detachable stand. It can fix the display well either in three different positions, either in portrait or landscape modes. Again, we are back to a point where we say that for a touchscreen display the quality of the stand is not very important because if you keep touching, pressing a display the stand won’t hold it very tight and safely.

1503I weighs 1064g net. Normally I’d say that you have to add 282g for a stand and 290g for a cover because you wouldn’t carry without them, but it’s very easy to imagine that you might use without a stand. Also, touchscreen adds 200g to the monitor the measurements remain within the standard range for a 15.6 inches display, in other words, you shouldn’t have a problem to find a space in your bag for a 382mm*246mm*12mm monitor.

Performance and Set-up

GeChic 1503I delivers very well, sharp images. Although 250 cd/㎡isn’t good enough for working outside, it’s more than fine for using inside even in a room full of sunlight. The other good thing is that viewing angles don’t affect color representation.

Response time is 12.5 ms which is bad for real-time games, but ok in all other situations.

Unfortunately, we can not compare touchscreen abilities, because there are no similar offers on the market. Basically, we couldn’t come with anything but GeChic 1303I, which uses exactly the same technology. All we can say that the whole experience was as pleasant and smooth as a working with an Ipad. Speaking of Apple, we have to disappoint Mac owners, the touchscreen is not compatible with Mac OS.

One more system that is worth mentioning is Raspberry Pi. Despite the fact that almost every portable USB-powered monitor is compatible with Raspberry Pi, and certainly all GeChic products, its combination starts shining precisely with a touchscreen monitor. They worked perfectly together but for the best experience, we certainly recommend to use Rear Dock.

GeChic 1503I Review Verdict

GeChic 1503I
  • Overall


GeChic found an interesting niche with 1503I model. This monitor delivers what any top portable USB- powered should do, however it doesn’t have outstanding graphic stats. Moreover, if you won’t use touchscreen quite often we would recommend buying a 1503H model which is slightly better and almost $100 cheaper, but if you are really into touchscreen display then it’s really hard to say.

If you like to possess unique things, set trends and usually you are the first person among your friends to try new technology than this is certainly for you. It’s not a blind branch of evolution like mini CDs, we’ll see more of these products within next few years but today it looks more like an amusing toy rather than a useful tool. Therefore we’re giving in 3.9 out of 5.