Gechic 1503A Review

1503A Review
3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

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Gechic 1503A is budget model of a USB-powered monitor from Gechic. You can find it similar to its better version Gechic 1503H. It looks like Gechic decided to make 1503H more affordable but didn’t want to bother with the design, different materials, hence they had come up with a plan to use a TN panel instead of IPS one. Perhaps, they had a plenty of TN panels left from 25xx series and they thought it would be a good transition from the older 25xx series to the modern 15xx. By the way, you still can find some 25xx models on the market, some of them even picked up by different sites as a good monitor to buy in 2018 but please just keep in mind that Gechic had stopped its production the end of 2016 already.

Anyways, we’ve got a merge of modern solutions and good old TN panel, let’s see if this pan out.

Specification and Features

Panel Size 15.6” Panel Type TN
Resolution 1366×768 Pixel Pitch 0.252mm
Brightness 200 cd/㎡ Refresh rate 60Hz
Contrast ratio 500:1 Response time 8ms

Well, you can see that GeChic 1503A has a fairly good stats but nothing impressive. Brightness and contrast ratio limit its use only for indoors, and .252 pixel pitch with 1366*768 resolution excludes high-level photo, video editing from your tasks. Due to the using of TN panel, the response time is slightly lower than at 1503H, but still, it’s not even nearly enough for a serious gaming.

And as GeChic 1503H this model is made in line with a further set of standards: BSMI, CE, C-Tick, FCC, KC, VCCI, RoHS; has the same power consumption range (less than 8W in normal mode and less than 0.5W in standby) and 3.5mm mini-jack socket, and 2×1.0W(Max.) speakers

Despite being a budget option GeChic doesn’t lack accessory equipment, although the question “why would you spend extra money on a budget model” remains open.

Design and Ergonomics

Gechic 1503A Review

Gechic 1503A looks absolutely identical to any other 15xx model from GeChic but in its case, it’s a big plus. All things which we criticized in our reviews of 1503H and 1503I now perfectly suits the monitor’s niche, and all nice touches like an amazing stand or narrow bezels are now big pluses that you don’t see often on a budget monitors.

A very flexible detachable stand helps you to prop up the monitor in three different positions. It holds the display firmly and tightly either in portrait or landscape modes.

1503A weighs 812g net and you have to add 282g and 290g for a stand and a cover respectively to get 1474g total weight. With 382mm*245mm*11mm measurements, it will easily find its place in your special bag. Of course, you can get rid of the cover and save almost 300g, but we wouldn’t recommend that. Though the plastic cover doesn’t protect the back of your monitor and it’s utterly useless while the monitor is on the desk, it will save your screen from scratches while you carry it and that’s when the most scratches come on a portable monitor, All 6 buttons and 2 ports (USB-C and mini-HDMI) are located on a left side of the body. It’s a bit of disappointment you’ll have to use two cables for a connection but it’s a standard decision from GeChic for a 15xx series. Admitting it might have some sense for top models because an extra HDMI cable could help to deliver a better picture, we have to say that for a 1366×768 TN panel screen one USB-C connection would be enough.

Performance and Set-up

Performance is not the strongest suit of Gechic 1503A. As we mentioned earlier 200 cd/㎡and 500:1 contrast allow you only to work inside buildings and not in a very light room.

Image quality is acceptable but you have to keep in mind that as for any other TN panel the image quality suffers from acute angles, that means you can’t watch anything from more than 45 degrees, hence no movies with your friends or a presentation for a group of co-workers.

It’s the only TN panel model among 15xx models but the onscreen menu remains the same. It’s very easy to set monitor up to our needs.

The whole setup procedure is very smooth, mainly because using two cables requires no extra drivers installation, just plug and play.

Gechic 1503A Review Verdict

Gechic 1503A
  • Overall


In our mind the whole idea of a 1366×768, 15.6” display with a TN panel is wrong. To be fair, when Gechic introduced this model the other budget and full HD monitors from AOC weren’t on the market but still. While not having 1080p HD on a smaller screen is fine, it seems like an odd idea in 2017 to release a 16 inches screen with TN panel, a 1366×768 resolution where all flaws would be noticed immediately.

You can’t use it for anything but for working with documents and data sheets, you even can’t enjoy a full HD movie while having a short break and they ask more than $200 for that.

Gechic has an identical display with a smaller screen – 1303A with 13.3 inches diagonal and that one makes perfect sense, but we can’t find any reasons why would you want to buy 1503A, especially when you have AOCI1659Fwux and even AOC I1601Fwux as alternatives.

Regardless of its fair performance and some nice features which are uncommon for a budget display, we can’t mark Gechic 1503A higher than 3.9 out of 5.