GeChic 1102I Review

GeChic 1102I Review
3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

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Gechic 1102I is 11.6 inches touchscreen USB-powered monitor from Gechic.

GeChic released this model at the end of 2017 as the first device of a new generation of 11-13 inches USB-powered monitors (which will be followed shortly by 1102H and 1305H).

If you take a look at our list of the best USB-powered monitors to buy in 2018 you can notice that most of them have 15.6”display. This leaning towards bigger surprised us when we analyzed the market. It’s not like we tried to include as many big monitors as possible, their quantity on our list perfectly reflects their quantity on the market. Meanwhile, 11 and even 13 inches models are truly portable simply because they are lighter and smaller, so you can carry them in your usual travel bag.

Anyways, GeChic 1102I is so far the only 11 inches model on our list and let’s see how good it is.

Specification and Features

Panel Size 11.6” Panel Type FFS
Resolution 1920×1080 Pixel Pitch 0.1335 mm
Brightness 250 cd/㎡ Refresh rate 60Hz
Contrast ratio 700:1 Response time 12.5ms

The first thing that you notice is that this model has an FFS panel instead of more widely spread IPS. Theoretically speaking it should give you a faster response time plus some advantages in image delivering but as we can see almost all stats remain the same.

GeChic 1102I provides you with full 1080p HD on an FFS display with the 0.1335-pixel pitch. Pretty standard 250 cd/㎡ brightness is very good for a USB-powered monitor, although not good enough for working outside. And here are two questions which we have to ask. Why brand new 11 inches display does have the same brightness level as its older bigger brother? Why having a touchscreen “costs” 50 cd/㎡ for 15xx models and twice more – 100 cd/㎡ for 11xx models (1102H has astonishing 350 cd/㎡)?

The other good question is why GeChic decided to drop a USB-C port and use USB-A? We don’t see any reason and in the rest specifications 1102I duplicates all other Gechic products, it’s made in line with a usual set of standards: BSMI, CE, C-Tick, FCC, KC, VCCI, RoHS; has the further power consumption less than 8W in normal mode and less than 0.5W in standby equipped with 3.5mm mini-jack socket, and 2×1.0W(Max.) speakers The touchscreen has the followed specifications:

  • Surface hardness ≧ 7H
  • Input sensitivity: Finger or passive stylus( Diameter of Touch Point ≧ 6.0mm)
  • It allows you to use up to 10-point multi-touch

Design and Ergonomics

GeChic 1102I Review

The design of Gechic 1102I resembles the design of the older GeChic product but with few minor alterations. It still has plain and simple look, but the bezels ain’t thin anymore, on the contrary, they are very noticeable, especially the bottom one. It’s a very big disappointment for a monitor with a touchscreen and a price over $300.

Unlike 16 inches models, designers put buttons and ports on the different sides of the body. Guess, it was a necessary decision to leave some space on both sides for fingers and therefore to avoid unintentionally pressing.

1102I weighs 670g net and 920g with cover. The cover plays two roles: it protects the panel from scratches while you carry it in your bag and it can be used as a stand while you working. That’s actually a very smart solution from Gechic. GeChic 1102I has the size similar to the size of A4 paper list – 294mm*194mm*12mm, hence you can put it not only in a laptop bag but also in a various type of bags and cases.

Performance and Set-up

Frankly, we haven’t spotted a big difference between using IPS and FFS panels. GeChic 1102I delivers good quality images with full depth colors and a certain level of sharpness. FFS panel certainly has wide viewing angles, so you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows with friends, but a slow response time 12.5 ms won’t allow you to enjoy real-time games.

GeChic 1102I recognizes various types of touches, tapping, drawing which enables a lot of opportunities for a creative work. However, all this are available only for users of Win 8 or higher.

The whole setup procedure is very easy. You can use a standard set of cables and connect this monitor to your device via micro-USB and HDMI, but there are two more options which are included in the standard package – rear port and rear dock. The last one is very convenient for a Raspberry Pi users.

GeChic 1102I Review Verdict

GeChic 1102I
  • Overall


GeChic 1102I is truly portable USB-powered monitor with a touchscreen. It delivers good vivid images, it easily fits in your bag and it opens enormous amounts of creative tasks you can perform with a touchscreen. However, the implementation of this new model left few questions.

We haven’t noticed any upsides of using an FFS panel and we could expect a brighter screen from an 11.6 inches monitor. The decision of using USB-A instead of USB-C left us speechless and the price of a good 300 bucks doesn’t square with poor design and average performance.

As a result, we can’t give it higher than 3.8 points out of 5 and can recommend this device only for a person who desperately needs an 11.6 inches touchscreen display.