FoodSaver V2244 Reviews

Foodsaver are a really prolific manufacturer of vacuum sealers, and as such they have quite a few different models, all with their own variations, all offering something a little different. This is a very small sealing system compared to others, though it packs a big punch. Most people are happy using it because of its numerous high quality features, and the exceptional brand Foodsaver have built up, and not least because of the powerful motor that runs quickly and silently.

In this short article, we are going to review few facts about Food saver V2244- this will help you to know why you really need to use it.


  • Drip tray which is easy to clean and has its own patented technology
  • Instant seal option for delicate items and foodstuffs which need to be handled with care
  • It vacuums air and marinates items quickly and effectively
  • The bags are reusable as long as they are washed properly after use
  • It has a smooth, modern and compact design which enables it to be flexible and it is also simple to store, saving valuable kitchen space.
  • It has five pre-cut bags, customized and flexible heat-seal roll
  • It has a strong motor which works quietly as well as quickly
  • It comes with a one year guarantee and this provides safety
  • Most users report that items can be sealed within under 10 seconds
  • It is remarkably quiet so doesn’t cause unwanted noise pollution while you’re using it

Undeniably, the food saver V2244 appears to be one of the most well regarded brands in the market. Previously, many users have backed up the reasons that this is a best seller. It can comfortably seal most foods without damaging or impairing them, ready for putting back in the fridge, cupboard or even being frozen for a long time. It performs great.

You can make your purchase directly from their official websites, Amazon or from any of the offline and online outlets.

Let us look at the Pros and Cons.


The only real ‘con’ if you can call it that is that it doesn’t have an automatic cutter, which means you’ll need to use scissors to cut it to size or a paper cutter. This doesn’t cause too much of an issue. I have experienced no problems at all, but some who have reported that their dealings with the company were pleasant and easy. That warranty is always there to protect you.

Final Verdict

Before you buy this item, it only makes sense to read the customer reviews either from the official websites, Amazon or from any of the online marketplace. This will assist you in making a good purchase.

Most users in Amazon have recommended that it is good to buy this product whether you’re just using it in the kitchen at home or for businesses use. This product contains virtually everything that will make your foods safe to store for a long time. Other key features of this item include:

Simple storage- you can store foods like snacks, crackers and cookies properly without much stress

Tips for use:

  • Keep in mind that it is not a replacement for heat process. It is still necessary to freeze or refrigerate perishables.
  • To achieve optimal results, you can use accessories, containers, rolls and food saver bags.
  • Don’t overfill and ensure that your vacuum sealer is always kept in a top form; neat and clean at all time.
  • If you do plan to reuse them, make sure they are 100% sanitized, it also helps if you have cut them cleanly and neatly.

The vast majority of reviews for this product are 5 star on Amazon and other online retailers, which speaks for itself, it is a compact, easy-to-use and effective model which will suit most of our needs for vacuum sealing, be they preparation or just storing food.