Foodsaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Review

The Foodsaver Gamesaver ‘Outdoorsman’ is a product made with the adventurous in mind. Perfect for fishermen and hunting trips, Foodsaver have spotted the need for those who are going to be outdoors getting their own meat for dinner to have a way to store it properly. They’re one of the most popular manufacturers of Vacuum sealers as it is, but this is among their most well reviewed products. This is a great quality product. It keeps your poultry, meats and fresh fish as much as five times longer than other methods of storing and it is designed for use not only at home, but in your RV, camping setup or wherever you are, hence its aim at those who love to be in the great outdoors. Foodsaver GameSaver Outdoorsman comes with rolls, bags and other useful accessories. It remains the ideal tool to preserve your foods.

We are looking today at the standard gamesaver, though there is also a titanium model with even more features which we will be reviewing in the near future as it truly is one of the best vacuum sealers.

For those in a hurry, the long and short of it is that this is probably the best vacuum sealer we’ve come across for game, and for portability and things like camping trips or use in your RV. It comes with our highest recommendations and the amazing average reviews on Amazon speak volumes.


As I briefly mentioned, we’ve come to expect the best from Foodsaver products, the brand has grown no end in recent years. Lets take a look at some of these features on offer here.

  • Extra-large, removable, patented drip tray with dishwasher compatibility for the easiest clean up possible
  • Designed for 40 consecutive seals and up to 120 lb of game (you’re going to have to be some hunter to use this to capacity)
  • Convenient bag cutter with super simple to use instructions
  • Extra-wide sealing strip for storing large amounts such as game and meat
  • Built-in carry handle, ideal for the fact you’ll probably be using this product while out on the go
  • Hose vacuum seals canisters and accessory port
  • It has the capacity to marinate foods within few minutes so can be used for preparing food as well as getting ready to store
  • Included pre-cut bags
  • Life limited warranty
  • Compact, powerful, durable and accessible

This is great for your needs if you are looking for a food saver that will last a long time, and the manufacturers faith in the product is proved by the fact that they have given the product a five year warranty. This is basically unprecedented in the world of electronic goods, and shows the build quality we are dealing with here. The reason why this smaller simpler unit is recommended is because it is easier to clean, setup, use and pull out, having a simple clean up is great for if you’re using it in an RV or somewhere that cleaning it might not be as easy as putting bits in a dishwasher.

It is also lightweight and comes with a powerful motor. Foodsaver GameSaver Outdoorsman is more suited for a residential kitchen than using it in an office or larger units as it is made with portability in mind. If you want something to cook sous vide in an industrial kitchen then maybe this isn’t the one for you, but you probably guessed that by the name!

Foodsaver GameSaver Outdoorsman is loved for several reasons, to many it is because of its ergonomic shape, squared shape, rectangular shape, to others it is because it provides a release action and a satisfying look. With it, you can hold and set things, spoons, bags for few minutes, without anything sliding off. Foodsaver GameSaver Outdoorsman is easier, faster and much more secure. It comes with a LED indicator light.


You can use Foodsaver GameSaver Outdoorsman to vacuum pack tons of food items, and though it is mainly designed for storing game and hunted meats you can put everything from cheese to store bought meats and all sorts of different leftovers. This makes it extra useful for those camping trips as well as around the home.

It is a powerful machine, heavier in size and more sophisticated in design. It is fast, efficient, simple to use, and can vacuum a lot of food items within a short period of time. The machine comes with pre-sized bags and rolls of plastic to suit your needs.

The reviews others have given this product really speak for it. It has an average rating of 4.7/5 on at the time of me writing this, a truly exceptional score for a great product, proving that it does exactly what it claims to, this is why it comes with our top recommendation for anyone who wants something with a little more portability, whether you’re going to be looking at storing game or fish or just want something you can take out and about with you.