FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealer and Sealing Kit Review

We’ve had a look at the ‘gamesaver’ models of Rangefinder before, but today it is time for our definitive review of the top of the line FoodSaver model, the GameSaver deluxe. This is a sealer which has been on the market for some time, so it isn’t a new launch, but it is a product well worth our mention here.

The name ‘GameSaver’ gives a hint as to who this product is mainly aimed at, it is wonderful for sealing large quantities of meat which means fishermen and hunters can get a lot of great use out of this. It prevents freezer burn which is wonderful for keeping meat and retaining the flavor perfectly. The last thing a hunter wants is the taste of the meat deteriorating.

Make no mistake, this product isn’t just for hunters and for storing game, it is great for everything in the kitchen and can be used for making big meals and saving portions, storing vegetables and even softer food and liquids such as soup. As we’ve grown to expect from the FoodSaver brand this is a wonderful model and has some exceptional features.

  • Cut feature allows your bags and containers to be cut perfectly to size
  • Comes with controls for Speed, Moist or dry foods, auto vacuum seal, Canister for when using hose port to seal your canisters etc., and Manual.
  • Has an extra wide sealing port which makes it great for sealing large amounts of food, such as a butchered joint of meat.
  • Built in setting to stop the sealer from crushing food, a problem which exists in many of the cheaper models of vacuum sealer.
  • Super easy to control with clear instructions, get up and running within seconds of purchasing.
  • Easy clean up and washing with a removable drip tray, great for catching juices from meat etc.
  • Some of the strongest sealing available on the market today.
  • Works quietly without compromising on the quality of the job it is doing.§

This is a reliable vacuum sealer and lives up to its ‘deluxe’ billing, we have fully reviewed the other model in the gamesaver range, the ‘outdoorsman’ and while this is marginally better, both have a lot of great features and selling points not only for the outdoorsy type, but for the average kitchen both commercial and home.

It isn’t the cheapest model out there, and will set you back more than many of its competitors, but considering the fact that it can save a huge amount of money in the kitchen and last for many years, the fact that it is pricey doesn’t mean it isn’t good value, and you get plenty of bang for your buck with the Gamesaver Deluxe.
What Others Have Said
As with most of their products, the Foodsaver GameSaver is generally very well reviewed and highly regarded by both consumers and bloggers. Most have pointed out the reliability of this product, it has an amazing 10 year warranty (yes, you read that right) which shows how well built this is. The average reviews on amazon are an amazing 4.6/5 stars at the time of writing, making it one of the very best sealers out there. Many have mentioned how easy the FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit is to get started with, it comes with some bags to get you up and running and allowing you to start the day you get your sealer, and the fact that the setup and operation is so easy add to the simplicity. The crush free and dry/wet features are also really popular with reviewers, and allow for the maximum control.
We really can’t speak highly enough about the GameSaver deluxe. If you are planning to take it in the RV or or hunting trips, or just store the fruits of your labors when you get home, it is perfect, but it also works brilliantly for all the other uses of a sealer, of which there are many. This product comes with our top recommendation, and though it doesn’t break the mold, it does everything you need with ease.