FoodSaver FM5200 Series 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System for Food Preservation

Thanks to the latest vacuum sealers, one does not have to waste food, and storage has become easier and more efficient. Foodsaver are one of the brands who have taken advantage of this technology growing in popularity, and are probably the most famous Vacuum Sealer brand out there. Their model, the FM5200 manages surplus food exceptionally well and is easy to use at home and at your business, it also keeps food fresh for a longer time, which can even save you money and have a positive environmental impact.

In terms of looks, it’s a pretty stylish piece for the kitchen and performs all its assigned functions really well as we’ve come to expect from this brand. The Foodsaver FM5200 works by sealing plastic bags containing food items both dry and moist. Where some of its competitors struggle with different types of food (soft food can get crushed, for instance) this doesn’t suffer with this. The shape of the Foodsaver FM5200 is quirky as it has a vertical design which is hardly found in the other appliances. Usually pieces like these which are built more for looks than function and even for a novelty factor, but this vacuum sealer is excellent in providing an easy sealing experience for its users.

The sealer has a feature of offering two different speeds so it can handle any type of food, for instance as I already discussed, softer types of food may need to be sealed more slowly to avoid crushing, whereas something like a steak can be quickly packed and not suffer. The makers of the vacuum sealer have made sure that the freshness of the food remains in all circumstances and does not get spoiled by seals breaking and not holding.

Another amazing benefit is that this model does not require the user to invest in a bag cutter or a roll holder as the device is fully equipped to handle both functions, this isn’t inbuilt in all vacuum sealers and as well as being a pain, can be really tough to get right.

Another awesome feature that Foodsaver love to include, and have done so here is a marinating option that comes with the appliance. This is immensely helpful for making quick preparation for lunch or dinner, or for instance preparing food for a BBQ long in advance. Some vacuum sealers that are in the market are deprived of long sealing strips however, the FM5200 has a large sealing strip which enables the customers to make sure of large bags allowing loads of leftovers or food from something like hunting can be stored easily.

Foodsaver FM5200 also comes with a drip tray which is a blessing because the tray catches liquid that comes off from the plastic bags during the process of sealing system meaning much less of a clean up operation even if your food has a tendency to make a mess. The drip tray is detachable so it is easy to clean and maintain the whole of the machine.

Foodsaver FM5200 vacuum sealing system is good for those households and business kitchens which do not need the appliance on daily bases. It is a great appliance to have in the kitchen as a lot of chefs around the world use sealing system to make great food. We always recommend you should read reviews and compare prices of various vacuum sealers on and eBay to get the best deal out of the crowd.  Although the reviews of vacuum sealers are generally really positive every model and appliance has its quirks and people have differing opinions. There are countless advantages if you purchase Foodsaver FM5200 because not many appliances leave such a positive mark in the minds of the customers.  If you go for this appliance, it will improve your food storage and can even impact prep, great for personal users and if you have a business such as a food truck.