Do Inversion Tables Work – Do Inversion Tables really Work

Do Inversion Tables Work – Do Inversion Tables really Work

One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to inversion tables is “do inversion tables work?”. Many case studies have shown that use of an inversion table as a natural, home therapy DOES help you achieve a healthier back and lifestyle. In fact, there are several different ways in which such therapy can help you increase your overall health. Below we will briefly examine 9 different ways using inversion tables regularly can help you by:

– Relieving back pain
– Helping to reduce stress and fatigue
– Minimizing the negative affects caused by gravity
– Improving your blood circulation
– Increasing the amount of oxygen that flows to your head/brain
– Increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid in your body
– Helping you to build up your core muscles
– Helping you to build up your core muscle
– Reversing the effects of gravity and helping you to become taller

So, there real question you should ask is not IF inversion tables work, but HOW do inversion tables work, and WHAT can an inversion table do for your back! Let’s look at each of these eight ways inversion tables can benefit you in a little more depth:

There are several different ways that inversion therapy can reduce back pain. The four main ways are:

• Inverting relaxes your muscles

• Inversion realigns your spine

• Inversion therapy reduces pressure on the nerve roots that pass through your vertebrae in your back

• Inverting helps to re-hydrate decompressed discs in your back

You can reduce stress and/or fatigue by using an inversion table by:

• Decreasing EMG activity (which essentially is an indicator of tension in your muscles)

• Lowering your heart rate

• Helping you achieve a full-body stretch, in a relaxing manner

Minimize the affects of gravity on your back and body:

Gravity is the one constant force that we face each and every day in our life, and it literally pulls us down each day. Inverting regularly for just 5 – 10 minutes per day will help you to recover the height that you lose because of gravity, which can be between 1/2” – 2”. In addition, the organs in your midsection can settle where they shouldn’t overtime, and inverting can help them to return to their natural positions.

Your heart is a very powerful muscle, and one that works constantly to pump blood throughout your entire body. Inverting can help your heart in pumping blood from your lower body/limbs to your upper body/brain. This increased blood flow can create two positive effects:

Improve your blood circulation and increase the amount of oxygen your brain using an inversion table:

1. Potentially increase the ‘sharpness’ of your mind. Your brain uses 25% of the oxygen you supply to the body, and the parts of your brain that are the most developed are also those which are located close to areas supplied with high amounts of oxygen. By increasing the amount of oxygen that is supplied to your brain, you can potentially help increase your mental acuity, or ‘sharpness’

2. Temporarily reduce the size of varicose veins. By increasing circulation in your limbs blood can circulate and drain from the veins more easily, thus decreasing the amount in the varicose veins.

Increase the lymphatic flow in your system:

Our lymphatic system helps to clean and to flush waste from our cells. However, this system does not function like your cardiovascular system – there is no ‘pump’ for the lymphatic system. Instead, it functions through a series of one-way valves that use pressure and gravity as the force to move the wastes out. Inversion can help the lymphatic system by using gravity to increase this circulation.

For example, many times athletes will invert after a hard workout. This will help to reduce the soreness in their muscles due to buildup of lactic acid. Lactic acid is one of the substances cleansed and flushed from our body via the lymphatic system.

Inversion exercises help build and develop your core muscles:

Many inversion tables allow you to invert completely and then lock yourself in the hanging position. Finding a good, sturdy table will allow you to perform upside down crunches and sit-ups in a way that does not put nearly as much stress on your back as traditional crunches or sit-ups do.

Using an inversion table can actually make you taller:Over time the force of gravity wears down, compresses, and thins the discs and can distort the natural curve in our spine – thus causing us to ‘shrink’ (in addition to causing us to become susceptible to back pain). Over the average person’s life it is not uncommon to lose 1-2 inches of height because of these issues. A regular inversion therapy routine can help to reduce these effects. In fact, most people will see an immediate increase in height following inverting for as little as 3-5 minutes.

Inversion Tables Do They Work?

As you can see, there are several cases in which inversion tables really do work. However, make sure you speak with your doctor and/or physical therapist to ensure that you are healthy enough for such therapy.