Demarini Softball Bats

Demarini has established itself a the indusrty standard by which all others are compared.  In most cases these bats are the most expensive but they also offer the biggest bang for your money.  What makes a  Demarini softball bat so unique is that they use a method where they combine carbon composite materials and high performance aluminum to create a softball bat that has amazing pop and the ball explodes off the bat!

Year in year out, many fastpitch players turn to DeMarini fastpitch equipment because of its superior quality and performance on the field. DeMarini fastpitch bats are no different and offer hitters increased hit length while keeping the bats light in weight and extremely durable.

DeMarini Fastpitch Bats

DeMarini has always been known for their great innovations including being the first company to offer multi-walled bats. These bats quickly changed the softball scene and many other companies began producing similar styles. Nowadays, DeMarini offers some of the greatest selection of bats both in price and in features meaning that any fastpitch player can find a bat perfectly suited for them.

By clicking the links above, you will be taken to specific product pages where you can view a detailed overview of all features including price and sizes available. The DeMarini CF5 is the most popular bat offered by DeMarini and features a few different models as shown below: Regular, Hope, and Insane. Another popular offering by DeMarini is the Vendetta C6 which is one of the lighter bats in the market.

Pricing of DeMarini Fastpitch Softball Bats

The DeMarini fastpitch bats above cost in the range of nearly two hundred bucks for the Vendetta to nearly three hundred bucks for the higher end CF5 versions. Both the CF5 and Vendetta are great bats, but depending on your budget and needs one may be more appropriate than the other. One other great thing DeMarini does is that with each purchase of a CF5 Hope, part of the proceeds of the sale are donated to Breast Cancer research.

Popular DeMarini Fastpitch Bats

The DeMarini CF5 Hope fastpitch bat is probably the most popular bat offered by DeMarini. Not only does it feature a great construction and frame, but it is also colored in a stylish pink color for breast cancer awareness. Many players opt to purchase the Hope version of the CF5 bat as DeMarini donates part of each sale to support breast cancer research. So not only are you receiving an awesome bat, but you are also supporting a great cause.

DeMarini Fastpitch Bats Reviews

Purchasing a fastpitch bat can be a tough decision. With so many different options and features, sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever had any experiences with the fastpitch bats offered by DeMarini listed on this website, please leave comments below so others can learn and make an informed decision.