Dell SE2717H KYKMD Review

Dell SE2717H KYKMD Review

Display: 27″, IPS Panel, 1920×1080, 6ms Response Time, 60Hz
Notable Features: AMD FreeSync
Ports: HDMI, VGA
Price Scale: 2/10
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars


In this Dell SE2717H KYKMD review, we will have a look at yet another amazing 27-inch monitor by Dell that has recently hit the shelves.

Dell has released plenty of 27-inch screen in quick succession. For example, not too long Dell had released SE2717HX RVJXC. This was a budget 27-inch monitor that is not too different from the Dell SE2717H KYKMD.

So what separates Dell SE2717H KYKMD from the rest of the 27-inch monitor out there? Most importantly, is this Dell monitor worth it? We will aim to answer these questions in this Dell SE2717H KYKMD review.

For starters, this monitor model has two version, one is curved, and the other is flat. The one being reviewed here is the flat version.


Design and Features

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Dell SE2717H KYKMD has the signature Dell Ultrasharp looks. The classy and elegant design with a very slim form factor is the highlight of this monitor. If you are looking for a sleek and slender monitor that complement either your home or office environment, then this is an excellent monitor to for.

Couple with an elegant is a very narrow bezel. The thin bezel on this monitor not only adds to the looks but is also highly practical on multiple screen display setups.

Coming to the hardware, Dell SE2717H KYKMD offers an IPS panel screen with full HD resolution. For those of you who have no idea about the panel types, they one of the most important consideration when buying a monitor.

There are three popular panel types used in a typical household environment: TN, VA, and IPS. TN stands for Twisted Nematic, and it is the oldest technology. The TN panels used to be cheapest of the all, but recently the other panels types have caught quite well.

VA stands for vertical alignment. These are the panel types that you will usually find in professional monitors. They are expensive. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching. Manufacturers have made several strides in the IPS technology. Therefore, they have become quite cheap for an average person to afford.

One of the best benefits of IPS panel is that it promises much more vivid colors and ensures ultrawide viewing angles.

Furthermore, this monitor offers 6 ms of response time which is considered to be quite fast for an IPS panel of this budget range.

Along with that, one of the greatest features of this monitor is that it includes AMD FreeSync technology. This is a rare technology that is found mostly in much more expensive gaming displays. This technology creates smooth movement when gaming and improves the lag created by drops in the framerate.

Along with all that, this monitor includes eye care technologies like Flicker Free Screen and low blue light.


Dell SE2717H KYKMD Review

The connectivity options on this monitor, unfortunately, are a bit lacking. This monitor only manages to offer one HDMI and one VGA port.

Although you can buy cheap adapters to change one port type to another, it is still a shame that this monitor does not give essential ports like VGA or a DP.


So this is what it all boils down to. Unfortunately, Dell SE2717HX RVJXC is clearly a much better choice for a 27 inch Dell monitor. Why? Because, the both have the same features yet, Dell SE2717HX RVJXC costs $50 less.

Furthermore, this monitor has other close competition like the ViewSonic VX2776-SMHDLG 27MP58VQ-P or the Acer H277H smidx.

The Cons

The biggest drawback of this monitor is that it does not have enough connectivity options. For the price, you would at least expect a DP. Most of the competition of this screen offers DP.

Furthermore, the monitor lacks VESA mount holes. For a monitor that has a very slim bezel, not having a VESA mounting holes is a big drawback. With VESA mounting holes you could have mounted this display on dedicated dual or triple monitor stands.

Dell SE2717H KYKMD Conclusion

This would have been a great screen had it been $50 cheaper. Why do I say this? Well, because Dell already has the same monitor that is $50 cheaper, the Dell SE2717HX RVJXC.

However, that does not change the fact that overtime Dell would revise the price tag. If you can find this monitor in $150 range, then do not hesitate to get it.