Dell Gaming S2716DG Review | 27″ Bezelless Monitor

Dell Gaming S2716DG Review

Display: 27″, TN Panel, 2560×1440, 144 Hz, 1ms response time,
Notable Features: Adjustable Stand, VESA Mount
Ports: HDMI, Display Port 1.2, USB x 1, Headphone
Price Scale: 5.5/10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


This is perhaps the first time Dell has properly ventured into the market of gaming monitors. I can tell you that they are doing an excellent job at it. Read this Dell Gaming S2716DG review to find out what I really mean.

There was a time when there were only a few true gaming monitor brands out there. BenQ was perhaps the first to have a huge line of monitors dedicated just for gaming. That has changed though. Almost all of the major brands have introduced their version of gaming monitors.

They are a very distinct bunch of displays. They are super expensive, they have almost all of the latest features that you can imagine, and they look exquisite. Some of the monitors out there look out of this world.

Dell Gaming S2716DG monitor follows the same idea. It is a gaming monitor in the truest of sense. However, it does one thing differently and something a lot of the gamers out there would appreciate: it offers a slim bezel. This is something that only Dell Gaming S2716DG offers.

However, with such a huge competition from across the brands, how would this monitor stack up? There is a plethora of gaming monitors now. Some have been in the market for a few years and have already made quite the name for themselves like the ASUS ROG Swift. So does this monitor have what it takes to make a difference in the market? Well, let us find out.

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Design and Features

Dell Gaming S2716DG Review 2One of the significant difference between a conventional monitor and a gaming monitor is their design. Gaming monitors are loud and aggressive in looks. They are supremely stylish, but not the classy way. No, if you are looking for classy, then you need to go for something like the ASUS Designo MX displays. Gaming monitors are built for enthusiasts who like to satisfy their man cave. That is one of the reasons why most of the gaming monitors like the ASUS ROG Swift, or the Acer Predator have such unique accents added to them.

With that said, now let us get back to Dell Gaming S2716DG. Well, this is a monitor that basically deviates from that norm. It is more inline with the Dell Ultrasharp monitors in terms of design then it is with gaming monitors. It does not offer loud design. In fact, it is subtle as any of their conventional high end monitors. Would the gamers find this attractive? Perhaps so. That is because not all of us really want our monitors to have aggressive looks. Some of us actually do like subtle designs.

Although this monitor may not have flamboyant colors accents or stealth plane inspired looks, it does have one thing that every gamer would respect. That is it has a very thin bezel. For those of you looking for a multi monitor display setup would definitely know how useful this feature is. You can have dual or triple high end monitors with almost zero bezel. However, you need to be aware that such setup would definitely put a dent in your pocket with the price tag that one of this monitor has.

To many it is the inside that really matters. This monitor may look subtle from the outside, but it is truly a roaring beast from the inside. It has everything that gamers would deem necessary. To start off with, this monitor has a 27 inch screen with a TN panel technology. Now before you point out that it lacks an IPS panel, let me tell you that most of the gaming monitors feature TN panels. These are not your average TN panels though, but are the cream of the TN technology.

This monitor offers 2560×1440 resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, adjustable stand as well as VESA mount capability. This is the configuration that is built for high performance jitter free graphics. On top of the fast refresh rate, and a fast response time, it also has NVIDIA G-Sync technology. So if your computer happens to have a powerful graphic card with G-Sync technology, you can hook this monitor up. This would further reduce the jitters, lag or ghosting effect even further.


Dell Gaming S2716DG Review 3The port configuration would be a blessing to some, while lacking to others. it does not offer a D-SUB or a DVI port. It only offers one HDMI port and a Display Port for connecting to devices. On top of that, it offers a USB Hub that has 4x USB 3.0 ports. Headphone port is also available.

Now I understand that it does not include the two most common ports, but in reality chances are that if you are investing in such an expensive monitor, you got to have a great PC. Most of the graphics cards do have HDMI ports. Even motherboards do these days. So it does not really make sense much to have ports that would almost go obsolete in the near future on this expensive modern display. Having them would add unnecessary costs.

It would have been grand if it did have them; however, the lack of them isn’t too damaging either if you ask me. The only thing that I would have loved this monitor to have was dual HDMI ports.


So it really boils down to the cost. With so many options available out there that offer almost the same features as this, the only real differentiating factor is the cost. (The second one is of course the design).

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q is significantly more expensive and has even fewer connectivity options. The Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz is even more expensive than the ASUS ROG Swift. But, tt can be clocked to 165 Hz of refresh rate and has the same port configuration. It differentiates itself by using an IPS panel; however, it suffers from a slower response time.

The only real competition is the Philips 272G5DYEB in term of price and features; however, it suffers from a supremely thick bezel.

Given all this, I think the price on this monitor is justified compared to the gaming monitor. But, you have come here looking for thin bezel monitors, then compared to the rest on the top 10 list, this is an expensive monitor. It is therefore rated accordingly.

The Cons

Well for starters, it has very basic looks. Gamers almost always prefer going for something that looks inspired from the future. So it does have boring looks.

It is a bit lacking in port configuration. If you are paying this much you would at least expect this monitor to have two HDMI ports.

Lastly, compared to the rest of the thin bezel monitors, this is an expensive monitor. Consider the ASUS VC239H. This also a thin bezel monitor with VESA mounts, but you can get three of these for the same price as only one of Dell Gaming S2716DG.

Dell Gaming S2716DG Review Conclusion

If I have plenty of spare money lying around, then I would definitely consider this as my go to option for the zero bezel monitor. Unfortunately that is not so. I think I wouldn’t be wrong in also saying that most of the people cannot afford one monitor like this for their computer, let alone two or three of them.

However, I do know that enthusiasts have no limits. For you I would say this is the best monitor without bezel for gaming.