Dell E2216HVM 25T05 Review

Dell E2216HVM 25T05 Review

Display: 22″, TN Panel, 1920×1080, 5ms Response Time, 60Hz
Ports: VGA
Price Scale: 1/10
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars


Dell E2216HVM 25T05 is an affordable monitor for the budget conscious buyers. This is a 22-inch monitor with FHD screen and an essential feature imaginable.

This is not a display that you would use for gaming or professional work. Instead, this is a monitor for casual work. For office environments that a require a display simply for word processing, Excel worksheets, etc., this is an excellent monitor.

This monitor series does have other models including 19-inch, 20-inch, 23-inch, and 24-inch available. However, this particular one is the best valued.

It is neither too big or expensive, nor too small and cheap. It is very comfortable view and to work on.


Design and Features

Dell E2216HVM 25T05 review

Dell E2216HVM 25T05 has fairly straightforward looks. Unlike the Dell Ultrasharp series, this monitor does not have a thin bezel. Therefore, it is not something that you would want to have for multiple monitor display setup.

Looks wise, this screen is of course not great. However, most of the budget conscious people do not tend to care much about the looks as long as the functionality is great. As far as the performance goes, this monitor delivers what it promises: reliability and great visuals.

Hardware wise, this monitor has the bear minimum. It offers the old TN panel technology. If you have been researching about monitors, you must have come across the panel technology and their importance.

A few years back this would not have mattered since TN panel was the only widespread panel for the LCD monitors. The rest of the panels, i.e., IPS and VA, were expensive and not on par regarding performance.

That, however, has changed. TN panel is still quite common, but the IPS panel is the new trend. If you are looking for IPS monitor at this price, then you will be disappointed.

In all honesty, there isn’t a huge difference between the visual quality of IPS and TN panel monitors. It is only when you start considering professional-grade monitors that are more than $500 that you will see a difference in quality.

The TN panel has lower visual quality, but it does promise faster response time.

The monitor is coated with an Anti-glare material. Therefore, if you have a brightly lit home or office, the unwanted glare will not annoy you.

As far as the ergonomics of this monitor is concerned, it only has the tilt functionality. You cannot twist, rotate or pivot it. This is quite unfortunate.

It does not have VESA mounting holes either. So you neither mount this monitor on a wall or a dedicated stand.


Dell E2216HVM 25T05 supremely lacks regarding its connectivity options. This monitor only has a VGA port and nothing else.

This goes to show that this monitor is built for the bare minimum of PCs. If you ever need to connect this monitor to a different port, you can always connect it via a very cheap adapter.


Although this monitor is one of the most affordable 22-inch monitors in the market, it does have some intense competition. Samsung S22F350 is a very similar screen. It has the same price tag, but it offers not only the VGA port but also an HDMI port. Therefore its connectivity options are much wider.

Furthermore, another fantastic competition is the Acer R221Q bid. This is an IPS monitor that costs a bit more than the Dell E2216HVM 25T05 but has multiple ports including VGA, DVI, and HDMI.

The Cons

One of the biggest cons of this monitor is that it lacks connectivity options. It only manages to fit one VGA port. Whereas, its close competition already has many ports.

On top of that, this monitor does not include VESA mounting holes. This would be a big drawback to those who appreciate multiple monitor setups.

Dell E2216HVM 25T05 Conclusion

Dell E2216HVM 25T05 is fairly straightforward 22-inch monitors with FHD resolution. Visual quality wise, there is not an issue with this monitor. Customers are quite happy with the quality and performance of the display.

The only issue with this monitor is the lacking connectivity options. If you can see beyond that, this monitor is perfect for home and office environments.