Crenova Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

Crenova may not be a household name yet, but they make a strong case for being used in your kitchen with their awesome (and ridiculously well-reviewed) Automatic Vacuum Sealer, which we have our own review of today where we look at the features which have helped make this a really popular and well regarded vacuum sealer in spite of not being made by one of the ‘big’ manufacturers. Anyone who has visited our site before will probably know that FoodSaver are by far the most prolific of all vacuum sealer brands, but that doesn’t mean they have all of the best models, as proved here…

I don’t usually focus on design too much, but it is worth thinking about if the product is going to be on display on your kitchen, and this looks smart and modern as well as being high tech, and isn’t an eyesore when put on your kitchen unit.

Features of the Crenova Vacuum Sealer

Crenova clearly knew they would have to add some new features and have a really great machine if they were going to make their mark, and they’ve certainly done so. The features are high quality, and at the price point it is one of the best sealers for sous vide or just for storing food to expand its lifespan. As well as all of its attributes, it also claims to be the most reliable, secure and unlikely to break sealer there is on the market today.

Features include:

  • The ability to choose between dry food and wet food settings to suit whatever it is you are sealing, this is an exceptional feature which not many sealers have cottoned onto yet.
  • Strength of around 23-25 HG and comes with ETL certification.
  • The sealer comes with everything you need in order to get started and includes bags, you can buy compatible bags in the long term which can save you money in your vacuum sealing.
  • They claim to be one of the best in terms of sucking out the oxygen and avoiding any mold or other harmful bacteria or disease which can grow on food. Our experience is that this is true, and that any ‘fridge taste’ that can occur from food being left in a fridge for a long time wasn’t an issue when we used it.
  • It is super easy to use, something we always look for in a vacuum sealer. Nobody wants to be spending hours trying to work out how to use a new product in their kitchen, this is a simple push-button operation and it has really clear instructions, you’ll be up and running within 5 minutes of getting started.
  • Brilliantly prepares food both soft and hard (due to the different sealing options) for sous vide, and helps to marinate food effectively and quickly.

As with most of the top vacuum sealers, it has a great impact on the kitchen. It has the capacity of saving space and preventing freezer burn with products, extending the shelf life of your food and even allowing you to buy food on bulk knowing it will last you longer. Sealers have the capacity to save you money, marinade and prepare food with ease and even cook sous vide food easily (something the brand have been sure to advertise that this product does excellently) and with the great features on offer with this one, I’m sure you’ll find it


I’ve never been so overwhelmed by what others have said about a sealer upon reviewing it, but a simple look at amazon (4.8/5 star average reviews at time of writing this) show you the high esteem in which this product is held. There are very few features you will find within competitors which aren’t on this vacuum sealer, and while in the mid range of the market in terms of cost, it represents good value due to its durability, reliability and quality, plus it looks cool!