Combat Softball Bats

Looking for a great Fastpitch bat for your next game or season at an affordable price? If so, Combat fastptich bats might be exactly what you are looking for. Each of the Combat bats found below offer many great features for the fastpitch softball player and average around some hundred bucks per bat.

Combat Fastpitch Bats

Combat was one of the first companies to offer Composite softball bats commercially and have seen continued success throughout the years. Most recently, Combat sports teamed up with Lisa Fernandez (3-time Olympic Gold medal winner) to assist with the creation of new top of the line fastpitch bats. There are few softball players that understand the game better than Lisa so you can feel confident that the bats below will help you become a much better hitter.

Above you will find 3 of the more popular bats offered by Combat: the Bruin, Lisa Fernandez Lite, and Morphed Gear. To see what features each bat includes, simply click on the link below where you will be taken to a specific product page to review features, prices, and sizes available.

Pricing of Combat Fastpitch Softball Bats

Combat Fastpitch bats range in price above two hundred bucks. Because of the extra features in the Combat 2012 Bruin it has been priced at the highest level whereas the Lisa Fernandez Lite, and the Morphed Gear bats have been priced at over two hudnred bucks.

Popular Combat Fastpitch Bats

The Combat Bruin fastpitch bat is the most popular and durable offering by Combat. Built with Lisa Fernandez, the Combat Bruin provides the hitter with a balanced and consistent swing and also looks very stylish on the field with its wooden look. Although you can’t go wrong with any Combat fastpitch bat, the Bruin is normally the one most preferred by fastpitch players.

Combat Fastpitch Bats Reviews

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