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Chromebook proves to be a good companion owing to its lightweight, portability and much more but there is still a room for some Chromebook accessories to make the most out of it. The additional accessories would enhance your Chromebook experience. Unlike laptops or personal computers, Chromebook has some serious compatibility issues.

Unlike laptops or personal computers, Chromebook has some serious compatibility issues. There are specifi
c devices that work well with Chromebooks and actually boost its functionality. So before you go out choosing accessories for your device remember to check its compatibility with your device. To help you further with your choices here is a must have

To help you further with your choices, here is a must-have list of accessories for Chromebook to make it shine out.

What is a Chromebook?chromebook accessories

Before we jump into the list of the best Chromebook accessories, it’s important to define what a Chromebook actually is. Chromebooks are Google’s take on what a laptop should be. They are ultra-slim, super-light, and provide snappy performance even with inferior internal hardware.

While most laptops use a Windows or Mac-based operating systems, Chromebooks run on Google’s proprietary Chrome OS. This operating system is based on a Linux kernel and designed mainly to work while connected to the internet. That’s why it can be considered a cloud-based OS.

Due to its cloud-based design, most of the documents and apps that you use on Chromebook are stored in the cloud. This can be quite a hurdle because, in order to utilize all the functions in a Chromebook, you must have stable internet connection.

Thankfully, most of the Chrome OS applications and extensions have the ability to work offline. So you can consider it as having a sort of hybrid operating system. Everything that you work on or install on the Chromebook is available on your laptop AND in the cloud. Therefore, the rumors claiming that Chromebooks only work online are just false.

Summary: Thankfully, most of the Chrome OS applications and extensions have the ability to work offline. So you can consider it as having a sort of hybrid operating system.

Chromebook Accessories

Now that you know what Chromebooks really are, following is a list of Chromebook accessories. They have been carefully selected and are guaranteed to let you get the most out of your laptop.

Chromebook Case

Unlike most personal computers, the Chromebooks require special care to function well. As it is a lightweight portable device, you would want to carry it to places with you. However, you would need a protective cover for that. The case could be as trendy as you are or as sophisticated as your job is. So, it is definitely a must have accessory for you. There is a huge variety of cases available in the market including hard shell cases, neoprene cases, fabric cases and a lot more.

Hard shell cases like iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case are designed to fit the Chromebook like a glove and protect it from scratches and accidental damages. They are specifically constructed for 11.6″ Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131 series. They are not available for old series of Chromebooks, so you need to check the dimensions and version before placing an order.

Another greate material for Chromebook cases is Neoprene. It is a synthetic rubber which shows good chemical stability and flexibility over a temperature range. Most of the business cases or zipper cases manufacturing companies use high quality, durable and water resistant neoprene so as to offer complete protection against daily wear out or accidental damage.

Kitron-Neoprene Soft Sleeve Case has interior constructed with a soft but shock absorbing material which protects the screen from any kind of damage. They easily fit in a bag or can even be carried alone.

The fabric cases are made of super fine quality and durable suit fabric with shock absorbing interior padding to protect your device from any external environment. Fabric cases prove to be perfect to carry additional accessories such as a mouse, charger etc. Evecase 11.6” ~ 12.5” is a multifunctional messenger tote bag with suit fabric exterior and bubbled neoprene interior. It is one of the best cases available.

Fabric Case for Chromebooks

Chromebook WebCam

Most of the Chromebooks have built-in front-facing webcams, but sometimes the quality of the image they provide does not match up with your expectations. In cases like that, you can get an additional webcam mounted on your Chromebook. Unlike generic computers and laptops, you need to check the compatibility of devices for Chromebook. Though there is a limited variety of webcams compatible with Chromebooks,  the Logitech C920 works really well.

The Logitech C920 for Chromebook is, in fact, one of the best webcams available in the market as it outperforms all the built-in type of webcams. It provides 1080p full HD video calling over Google hangouts and other video calling services. It also provides H.264 compression for videos and is very easy on the wallet as well. The Logitech C920 proves to be the best webcam for professional or personal usage.

Chromebook Headset and Microphone

Since Chromebook is an inexpensive device, the onboard microphone and speakers aren’t up to par for professional or multimedia use. Thus having an external, high-quality mic accessory and headset becomes a necessity.

The first and foremost is the Ailihen MX-06 Headset. This an over-ear headphone with built-in microphone and volume control. The Ailihen MX-06 is one of the best Chromebook accessories as it looks very premium yet costs very little. It has great bass and superb stereo sound output. It comes with an advanced built-in microphone system for high definition and clear voice calls. The mic even eliminates noise in the environment.

If you are a fan of active noise-cancelling headphones, you can opt for the Cowin E-7 Headphones. These cans have the ability work wirelessly through Bluetooth or through a normal audio cable. You even get an onboard HD microphone for chatting and recording your voice. Due to its large 40nm driver, the Cowin E-7 produces excellent sound with incredible bass. With 30 hours of battery, you can enjoy your audio experience without the worry of running out of juice.

If cans aren’t your style and you prefer something subtle, you can also opt for in-ear type earphones. Although there are many great ones in the market, but one the best are Saimly Earbuds. They are highly rated with rave reviews. The Saimly Earbuds produce rich sound with amazing bass and high tones. The Earbuds also come with an in-line microphone, which makes video/voice calling a breeze. As far as the look is concerned, the earphones are encased in a metallic body that’s built to last.

For Chromebook owners who already have a decent set of earphones/headphones but are looking for a high-quality microphone, fret not. There are various high-quality and professional microphones that can work on your Chromebook

If you just want a simple microphone that connects to your headphone/microphone jack and extends out, you can look at the Insten VOIP/SKYPE Mini Flexible Microphone. As the name suggests, the Insten specializes for video and voice chatting. The microphone easily extends out from the laptop and provides much better quality than the built-in Chromebook mic.

For folks who prefer a bit of a better sound quality and avoid static that is apparent in all analog mics, the eBerry USB Mic provides a great solution. This Chromebook accessory connects to your device through a USB port and provided digital sound input. The clarity is visibly clear instantly. The eBerry has an adjustable and extendable stand that provides further ergonomics and better voice reach.

For professional users who do a lot of produce a lot of podcasts and YouTube video, there is a Chromebook accessory for you too. The Floureon USB Studio Condenser Microphone is a professional-grade device that doesn’t cost much but holds a lot of value. The mic is powered by a USB connection on your Chromebook while the audio is channeled through a generic audio cable. The Floureon is the best mic you can possibly get in our list of Chromebook Accessories.

Chromebook Mouse

One of the most crucial Chromebook accessories to have is a mouse. Most of the Chromebooks have single USB 2.0 port so if you are planning to attach a mouse you would require a USB hub. This device will ensure the availability of multiple USB ports for other purposes.

One of the most basic and essential mice that work great on Chromebooks is AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse. It’s tiny and portable mouse and comes with its own USB nano receiver. The AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse enjoys rave reviews due to its smooth, precise, and affordable qualities. If you are not much into style and prefer a mouse that just works, you should look no further.

 Another respectable brand for computer accessories is Logitech. It’s an old company and has a reputation for producing great devices. The best Logitech mice for Chromebook are Bluetooth based. They are wireless and don’t require any receiver as they connect to the built-in Bluetooth receiver in your Chromebook.

Two such mice are the Logitech M557 and Logitech M535. The M557 is a small-sized mouse and easy to carry around. The M535 is a normal-sized mouse that provides great ergonomics and comfort. Both of the Logitech mice provide great performance and ease of connectivity. They are perfect if you don’t wish to clutter your single USB port with an additional mouse receiver.

The last two our collection of Chromebook accessories mice are the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse and the Toshiba B35. Both of these are also Bluetooth-based and work seamlessly with Chromebooks. The Microsoft Bluetooth Designer Mouse sports Microsoft’s legendary hardware design and functionality. It’s small, light and easy to carry around. The Toshiba B35 is also a mini-sized mouse with a sleek design. It offers seamless connectivity with you Chromebook and aids in your daily computing. Both of the Microsoft and Toshiba mice a reasonably priced and offer great performance.

Chromebook USB Hub

As discussed above, most of the versions of Chromebooks have single USB 2.0 port or a USB 3.0 if lucky. In order to facilitate the requirement and availability of multiple ports for additional devices, a USB hub would be helpful. Luckily, there are a variety of USB hubs available as an accessory for your Chromebook.

The first and foremost in the list of Chromebook accessories USB hubs is the C2G 29525 USB Hub. This is the most and simple USB hub you can get for your Chromebook. The C2G is essentially a dongle that lets you connect up to two USB devices. The only limit on this hub is USB 2.0. This means you cannot get USB 3.0 functionality out of it.

If C2G is too simple and basic for your need, there are other options available too. You can get Chromebook USB hubs with advanced ports and multiple USB ports. One of the best multi-port USB hubs is HooToo Ultra-Slim 4-port USB hub. This is a USB3.0 Hub with backward compatibility for USB 2.0. The HooToo USB Hub is construted using thermal-conducting aluminum alloy, which makes it tough and efficient at heat dissipation. It looks sharp and ready to impress.

For folks who require a LAN connection on their Chromebook, there is a solution for you too. You can get the UGREEN USB Ethernet Hub that gives you 3 USB 2.0 ports along with a bonafide LAN port. This way you can connect multiple USB-based devices and connect to your local area network over 100 Mbps. UGREEN is a known name in components and accessorie. They manufacture quality products that are made to last.

If you are one of the lucky ones who possess a Chromebook with a USB Type-C port, you can also enhance you Chromebook’s connectivity woes through a USB hub. Two of the major names in accessories design and functionality are ANKER and AUKEY. Both of these companies have made a name for themselves for offering high quality and durable accessories for mobile devices.

The ANKER USB hub connects to your Chromebook through the USB Type-C port and gives you an additional 4 ports of USB Type-A. This means you can connect all sorts of mice, keyboards, printers, and hard drives to your Chromebook. The AUKEY USB hub is one of the best Chromebook accessories on the market. It provides similar metallic construction and high quality to the ANKER with the addition to an Ethernet port. Yes, you can use this hub to connect a Gigabit LAN connection to your Chromebook. You also get three additional USB ports to connect all sorts of devices.

Chromebook Keyboard

When talking about Chromebook accessories, keyboards are always a must. Although they may not be a necessity for everyone, but for folks who use their Chromebooks on tables or connect them to external monitors might find keyboards very helpful. The comfort of working on an external keyboard cannot be matched by the built-in version. One of the unique features of Chromebooks is that they have a non-standard layout of keys. Thankfully, all the external Chromebook keyboards also follow the same layout.

The most basic type of keyboard Chromebook accessory is a wired keyboard. The best you can get on the market are the ones provided by Samsung and Dell. We all know how big these companies so the products they make are surely top notch.

The Samsung AA-SK4PCUB is a mini-keyboard that is designed specifically for Chrome OS. It’s extremely light and small and easy to tuck away in any bag or case, along with your Chromebook. The Dell KB115, on the other hand, is a full-sized keyboard that also comes with a Numpad. It provides a very comfortable key design that enhances productivity.

If wired isn’t your cup of tea, you can also opt for Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboards for your Chromebook. One of the best Chromebook accessories for a wireless keyboard is the HP LB1 keyboard. This is a portable and slick keyboard that is designed specifically for Chrome OS. It provides great performance for a great price point.

If money isn’t an issue, you can also get the Logitech K380 keyboard. This is a unique, multi-device keyboard that connects to every device with a Bluetooth connection. Whether it’s your Chromebook, Android phone, an iPhone, or even a PC, the Logitech K380 has you covered. Through its Easy-Switch capability, you can connect up to three devices simultaneously. Furthermore, with its unique key design and portable footprint, you can work anywhere effortlessly.


Chromebook Lapdesk

A Lapdesk is basically meant to provide comfort to users who like to use their Chromebook on the couch or in the bed. Lapdesk protects you from the heat Chromebooks produce and their unique adjustable design allows you to tilt the screen thereby preventing you from eye or neck strains. This enhances the overall ergonomics. Logitech comfort lap desk is wide enough to adjust a portable mouse. So, it is a must-have for users who want to balance work with comfort.

Some of the best companies who make lap desks are Targus and Logitech. Their products offer great design and incredible ease of use.  The Targus AWE78US is a slim lap desk that folds up to fit in any tiny case. It provides the most basic use as Chromebook stand and can be used anytime anywhere.

If you aren’t a fan of the speakers on your Chromebook, you can then opt for the Logitech N550 Lapdesk. It comes with integrated high-performance stereo speakers with volume controls, powered through a USB connection. If the touchpad on your Chromebook is too small, Logitech has an answer for that in the form of the N600 Lapdesk. It comes with a retractable multi-touch touchpad along with volume controls, all done wirelessly. Both the Logitech N550 and N600 provide amazing comfort and convenience.

If you prefer something more baroque and antique, the Sofia+Sam Bed Tray solves the issue. It’s constructed with high-grade wood and provides plenty of space for your Chromebook, phone, and even a mouse pad. This is a multi-level adjustable lap desk that conforms to your ergonomics.

A more futuristic option is the Readaeer Desk Table. It comes with a space for your Chromebook and an external mouse. Its extremely portable and adjustable to all levels. Its sleek aluminum construction makes it both light and portable.

Chromecast for Chromebook

If you don’t know what a Chromecast is, you are seriously missing out on a lot of fun and productivity. This is a screen mirroring device which enables Chromebooks, PCs, Android devices, and iPhones to wirelessly view audio/visual content on an HD TV. Chromecast came into existence in 2013 and since then it is one of the top selling products. It is a necessity if you want to run slideshows or watch movies on your HD television. The best part of Chromecast is that it offers a seamless and wireless streaming on HDMI Screen without any mesh of cables.

Chromebook External Storage Device

You must be wondering why a cloud computing device like a Chromebook would ever need a storage. The answer is Chromebook does not require any storage device but the users do. As a Chromebook user, you would need an external storage device to keep a copy of your confidential data to be safe in adverse possible conditions. As you do not have a control over the entity holding your data so you need to be safe with your stuff before it is lost. You can only access your data on a Chromebook if you are online 24×7.

In a case of urgency, the data is not available which justifies the need for external devices. Therefore, storage devices are one of the most important Chromebook accessories to have. Luckily, Chromebook supports plenty of external devices like SD cards, external hard drives, and USB sticks.

SD Card can be used to extend the storage capacity of your device as most Chromebooks have onboard SD Card slots for direct use. A wide variety of SD cards with different capacity are available to facilitate your storage requirements. The best thing to get is the Lexar Professional SDXC card. It sports 128GB of space and 1000x the speed of generic SD cards.

If you are not yet satisfied with the storage capacity of your device, you can switch to external hard drives. They provide a huge storage capacity within a passport-sized dimensions and can easily fit in your Chromebook cases or sleeves. Seagate is one of the great options for an external hard drive. You can get one with 1TB or 4TB of space. Both of them have USB 3.0 with the ability to work on slower USB 2.0 connections.

The last and the most common external storage device that you can use for you Chromebook accessories is a USB stick. These are the standard of data transfer and storage for over a decade now. They are small, light, and pack decent storage. Samsung and SanDisk make some of the best flash-based storage solutions in the market. Getting a Samsung or SanDisk USB drive is probably the best thing you can do for your Chromebook. You can get a normal speed or a high-speed USB drive for a very reasonable price.

Chromebook Printer

USB based printers do not work properly with Chromebook as they are not plug-and-play. Sadly, there aren’t any drivers either to allow printing. Instead, what most of the printer companies have done is create a printing app for Chrome OS. This app supports printing through the Chrome browser to USB connected printer. You simply have to connect the printer to your Chromebook’s USB port, install the dedicated printing application, and then follow the onscreen instructions to enable the app.

All of this hassle can be further eliminated if you get a wireless printer. These printers connect to your local network through WiFi and can receive print orders from any device on the same network.

Let us start with the most basic and cheapest printer Chromebook accessories. We will be looking at the HP OfficeJet 4650, Canon PIXMA MG3620, and Epson Expression Home XP-330. HP, Canon, and Epson are by far the best companies when it comes to printers. They have been in the printers industry for decades and have spent billions of dollars on RnD to make their products better.

The printers in this category might be basic in price, but they still offer plenty of functionality. All of them are wireless and perform printing and scanning duties. Best of all, they will work with your Chromebook with ease

If basic Chromebook accessories is not your cup of tea and you are looking for a proper workhorse printer for your Chromebook, you need not worry. If you are willing to dish out a little more cash, you can get the Epson WorkForce ET-4500. This printer can print, scan, copy, and fax.

Perhaps the most important feature of this printer is its EcoTank technology. Instead of relying on expensive ink cartridges, the Epson WorkForce ET-4500 comes with Epson’s proprietary ink tank technology that reduces your ink costs up to 90%. Yep, you heard it right. You can produce great graphics on your Chromebook and print them without the worry of ink costs. The Epson WorkForce ET-4500 also comes with ethernet, WiFi, and WiFi direct. This covers all of you compatibility issues with Chromebooks.

This is by far one of the best Chromebook accessories to have.


Thus concludes our most comprehensive list of the best of the best Chromebook accessories. As a Chromebook owner, you already know that it’s one of the best devices to have. It performs well and costs extremely less. But if you want to enhance the experience further, then you need to have additional Chromebook accessories. They will literally do wonders for you. And once you get used to them, you will wonder how you managed this far without them.

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