Can Vacuum Sealed Food and Vacuum Sealer Bags Be Boiled?

Just a quick post to address a question we keep seeing asked; Can I boil and cook vacuum sealed food in the bag? 

The answer, in short, is a resounding yes.

If you’re new to the process, it is usually called Sous Vide cooking, the act of submerging vacuum sealed food into water and cooking it. It is great for so many reasons – no mess, relatively simple to control, and the food itself can be easily marinated within the bag, locking in the flavor.

Other benefits lie in the storage of the food, vacuum sealed food in general does last for a lot longer, guidelines of which we’ve posted here on the site. Cooking Sous Vide can mean food can be prepped in advance, grabbed straight from the fridge and put on to cook. This can be done on your cooker like normal or can be done with a specific Sous Vide machine, designed to completely submerge the food. It is a great option for so many different types of food, including meat, fish, even vegetables or poaching an egg!

As with all types of cooking, it is important to cook the food thoroughly and because checking can be difficult, be sure to time the food and ensure that the water is at the proper temperature to cook. Info can be found on sites with good sous vide recipes, and the timings are there. We recommend not to cook things like big joints of meat in this method as it will be harder to cook thoroughly all the way through. Smaller individual servings are wonderful for cooking in the vacuum sealer bag. One of the benefits of having a specific submersion device and sous vide machine is that it can keep a steady temperature and provide peace of mind that the food is cooking properly.

Check out some awesome recipes for sous vide provided by serious eats here.