Best Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide – Best Sous Vide Reviews

Sous Vide cooking has grown immensely in popularity in recent years. It isn’t a new concept and has been going on for hundreds of years, but the amazing amount of benefits, it is super easy to do, just seal with a vacuum sealer, heat a pot of water to the correct temperature and cook away. Not only is it the safest method of cooking there is today, it is one of the easiest, and it helps with flavor and nutrition as it locks everything in, the nutrients and flavors wont be cooked out of your food as it cooks because once it is sealed, nothing is getting out of there. Sous Vide steak is perhaps the most famous meal prepared with this method, but there are loads of other foods that can be cooked like this, eggs, vegetables and confit all work excellently.

This isn’t some fad either. Worldwide renowned chef’s such as Heston Blumenthal have used the method for their restaurants, and if it is good enough for a three michelin starred chef, it’s good enough for us. So, you need a vacuum sealer for the job, and we’ve looked into the best.

In a hurry? Head to our recommended model, the Nesco VS-02. A wonderful vacuum sealer with exceptional reviews and the right facilities for this method of food preparation.

SousVide Supreme Vacuum Sealer

First, lets talk about the SousVide Supreme Vacuum Sealer, also known as the SVV-00300. This is one of the few sealers on the market specifically aimed at this type of food prep, and as such has features which work really well for doing so.

  • Choose between ‘normal seal’ (not vacuumed) or vacuum seal modes
  • Can secure items (food or otherwise) for travel by sealing them
  • Extra wide to allow for allowing larger food items to be used
  • Specific channel to capture anything such as moisture that falls from the food, making it easier to clean
  • Speed settings which allow you to slow things down for more delicate food to avoid it breaking up

This is a great product built for its purpose of food prep. It seals extra tight to ensure that the food doesn’t float, this is super important for sous vide, for instance if you want to just pop a steak in and leave it to cook, you don’t want it to float to the top where some of the steak may be out of the water and thus not be cooked evenly. Lets not forget that a secure vacuum seal also means you can store food for longer, whether before or after the cooking method. You could vacuum seal and put it in the fridge to be cooked later, or you could cook it first and if the food permits, store it in the fridge for later. A high quality sealer built for purpose.

Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer

The next model we’re going to mention is the Nesco VS-02. It isn’t specifically made for sous vide, but this doesn’t mean its features don’t fit the bill. On top of that, it is available at a cheaper RRP than the above model and doesn’t skimp on many of the features, if any. The sealer is appropriate not only because of its excellent build quality (it is one of the best reviewed and most highly regarded models of this type on the market) but it has a “switch to extend seal time for tighter sealing” which means that you can get things super tight, and avoid any risk of water entering, or flavor/nutrition leaving the food during the cooking process. Here are some of the other features of the Nesco:

  • Roll storage for the ‘bags’ and a cutter to make it easy as possible to cut to shape and seal
  • Override feature designed for more delicate items (also wonderful for sous vide)
  • Stores food for longer
  • Reduces the risk of freezer burn
  • Can also store non food items
  • Has an option to ‘seal only’ so you don’t need to vacuum every item

The average reviews at time of writing on Amazon are currently 4.4/5 (at time of writing) – not bad at all, and enough to make it one of the highest rated vacuum sealers currently available on the site. Nesco are a reputable company who provide a huge amount of quality kitchen appliances, and this is no different, its features lend themselves perfectly to cooking in this way.


If you’re on a budget for which these are just out of reach, you could look at a handheld sealer, which are on the cheaper end of the spectrum but still could help you out, and may do the job you need for cooking like this. The very best vacuum sealers are described on our site as our main goal is to provide in depth vacuum sealer reviews, and in most of them we look at the sous vide capabilities.

For more information on cooking Sous Vide, there are some wonderful resources online giving tips, recipes and methods. Check out one of our favorite sites for this here, and their article for preparing beautiful, succulent meat.

The two models we’ve extensively looked at will serve you well, and their suitable features and ease of use mean you won’t go far wrong, and can be cooking Sous Vide like a pro in no time at all!